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Arizona melodic/progressive hardcore act LIFELINK discuss new EP

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Arizona hardcore quintet LIFELINK have recently dropped their engrossing and progressive EP on Innerstrength Records, combining relentless vocal delivery with a backdrop of intricate and weaving guitar work. Their latest video ‘Terminal’ sets the tone strongly for the rest of the EP, and we’re pleased to recall it below and give  you a brief interview, just in time for their short US tour with GENESIS COMPANY (see the dates below), kicking off tonight at The Nile Theater in Mesa, Arizona, alongside BURN, COMEBACK KID, and JESUS PIECE!

Combining an instrumental prowess with meaty, abrasive breakdowns, Lifelink deliver an intense and progressive brand of hardcore, with intricate, weaving guitars juxtaposing seamlessly with Luke Blanchard’s resounding and emotive lead vocal.

LIFELINK is: Luke Blanchard – Vocals, Kamran Oskouie – Guitar, Ross Burrows – Bass,Josh Brown – Guitar, Mike Cook – Drums. The band’s newest EP ‘Love Lost‘ is now available via Innerstrength Records. Grab it via Spotify, Apple Music, Best Buy, or Bandcamp.

Photo by Justin Kopchick

Hey guys! Thanks so much for joining us and checking in on IDIOTEQ! How are you? How’s Arizona?

We’re doing great! Actually just got home a few days ago and luckily it’s starting to cool down here.

Alright guys, so let’s learn a bit about LIFELINK. It’s been 4 years since you started this band. What led you to start LIFELINK and hw do you remember your early days?

Well I mean we were all in different bands as kids and kinda all just met through our local scene. Since we all started LIFELINK together everything has just been moving so much faster, I guess we had to work hard for years in other bands to realize what we actually needed to do together.

Your third EP recently hit the streets and it’s a whole new chapter for the band. How does it feel and how does working with Innerstrength differ from your previous promotional experience?

We couldn’t be happier. The ep turned out exactly how we wanted it too and innerstrength has been nothing but supportive of us.


It feels like each EP has been progressive of how you want to sound. Sound wise, what was the inspiration to write these new tracks?

We just saw that a lot of other bands in our genre started to take the softer slower route, so we chose to make a more aggressive sound for this EP.

What is the message you are trying to give with this record?

I think it’s pretty straight forward when you hear the songs, but generally it’s about losing someone you love.


With so many live shows under your belt, it’s not big news you’re hitting the road again this October. Nevertheless, tellu s a bit about this trek and how you approach touring in general.

Haha I’m just happy we get to work this hard and tour this much! We all are really close so being in the van is pretty much just like a big club house with all your best friends. Everyone is usually just so stoked about playing shows for new kids everynight that it’s kinda all we can think about.

What does your schedule look like for the rest of 2017 and 2018? Can we expect a full length, or any gigs you’re looking forward to?

You can expect us to be touring a lot in the next year. We’ve usually been able to manage writing our music while touring so I think we might be planning another release in a year or so.


Thanks so much for your time guys. Please drop your final words and take care!

Thank you guys for wanting to talk!

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