LINGUA NADA / PAAN European dates

Formerly unknown as GOODBYE ALLY AIRSHIPS, LINGUA NADA is a four piece from Leipzig, Germany. Decribed as loud, emo, noisy and complex, the band abuses pedals and effects to alienate thousands of sounds to create an electric mix between garage, mathrock, shoegaze, post-hardcore, noise, surf-rock which somehow glues together when played at insane volume with a wild stage presence. It is my great pleasure to announce that these wicked dudes are teaming up with PAAN, one of these screamo band called screamo band because no one knew what label to give them, for an adventurous tour later this month!

More about PAAN:

Take some loud guitars, progressive riffs, akward time signatures, unothodox drum pattern, intelligent song writting, four dudes screaming up to three languages in one song and you have Paan, the not-so-screamo band unanderstood since a decade


18.11 (GER) Landau – Fatal
19.11 (GER) Saarbrücken – Horst
20.11 (FR) Paris – Le Buzz
21.11 (FR) Lille – DIY Cafe
22.11 (UK) Bristol – Mothers Ruin
23.11 (UK) Manchester – AATM ***
24.11 (UK) London – Underbelly
25.11 (UK) Swansea – Mozarts
26.11 (UK) Brighton – Sticky Mike´s Frog ***
27.11 (UK) Colne – Sandwich Shop ***
28.11 (UK) Stoke-On-Trent – Live @ Blossom Audio Studio ***
30.11 (FR) Strasbourg – Kawati
1.12 (GER) Cologne – AZ
2.12 (GER) Frankfurt – Klapperfeld
3.12 (GER) Berlin – Rauchhaus
4.12 (GER) Finnsterwald – BMX Halle
5.12 (GER) Halle – Reil 78

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