Lithuanian band IN.BLOOM re-energise melodic post hardcore with emotional new single “There’s Room For Hatred”

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Bridging the gap between melodic and emotional post hardcore, Vilnius, Lithuania based IN.BLOOM formed in 2020 amidst the pandemics, casually jamming and writing music together since years before. Their new single “There’s Room for Hatred” has just landed online and it marks their return to the stage after a recent line-up change. Featuring artwork by Boogie Studio and mixed and mastered by Pavel Daniels, the single is available below. The track is about unraveling the struggle of having to deal with people that abuse your trust, present a fake facade and always have ulterior motives.

The band is: Deividas – Vocals, Adomas – Rhythm Guitar, Andrius – Lead Guitar, Kamilis – Bass, Aistis – Drums

Speaking about their background and firsts steps with this project, guitarist Adomas comments: “At the beginning it was just me and Andrius who was playing drums, at the time and vocalist Deividas. We played some Amenra and Neurosis covers with occasional jam sessions in between trying to come up with our own songs.”

“Our early efforts were more sludge oriented with some faster, more hardcore’ish parts and the more we played the more we leaned towards that direction, abandoning Sludge all together. As our music got progressively faster and more complicated Andrius decided to switch back to guitar, as he was only a beginner on drums, looking for a more experienced drummer was a better choice. At the time our bassist Kamilis was already a member of the group.”

Caught somewhere in between hardcore and metal, the band played a couple of shows with local bands like Will Cope and Dadcap.

Speaking about other local bands worth a good listen, In.Bloom admit that there are a couple newer post hardcore/emo bands like con.txt or Roughly Human that bring something that was missing in Lithuanian scene. Some of their hand-picked tracks can be checked out below. Give them a listen and scroll down to learn more about the story of In.Bloom.

Roughly Human:


Will Cope:

The Shouting Dolls:

No Real Pioneers:

“The search for a drummer was not an easy one, we tried out with several guys, but couldn’t find the right match, so we decided to focus on writing new music instead And go back to rehearsing later, once we at least had a full set that could be played live.” – explains the band. “The new stuff that we came up with was heavily inspired by Converge, especially “Jane Doe”. It was fast, heavy, and chaotic at times, songs became way shorter, but more technically Challenging. We wrote 4, maybe 5 tracks that we were quite happy with, but not rehearsing For almost half a year took its toll and it felt like we were becoming less and less engaged with this Project. To our dismay, none of the new tracks were ever released or played live. Shortly after, Andrius decided to quit the band.”

The three remaining members carried on making new songs and bringing in new influences.

IN BLOOM by Sutemose Photo
IN BLOOM by Sutemose Photo

“We felt that the stuff we wrote previously was a bit lackluster and needed more melodic parts. This is where the influence of Touché Amore came in. We are huge fans of this band, went to see them Live abroad and absolutely love how they manage to write stuff that is very sweet and nostalgic and at the Same time has the intensity and stiffness attributed to Hardcore.” – says Adomas.

“This time creation of new material went much smoother, we finished 5 songs and were ready To record our first singles. We chose three (Clover, For What I Am, The Fall) that we thought represented the style of our band the best and now “just” needed to find a new drummer.”

“Luckily for us, Zygis, who played in several local hardcore bands before, joined us. By December 2020 we finished recording and started rehearsing again. Now we needed to come up with a band name, to keep it simple, each of us came up with several ideas and put it to a vote. That’s when In.Bloom was officially born.”

IN BLOOM by Sutemose Photo
IN BLOOM by Sutemose Photo

The band’s first single “Clover” was released on June 11, 2021, and by that time they already had a 25 minutes long setlist to proceed with in a live setting. \

“With Pandemic easing out and restrictions being lifted, it was possible to have indoor concerts again.” – says the band. “We only had one problem; we were missing a second guitarist.”

“At the top of our wanted list was a guy we already played with and knew personally, Andrius. We reached out to him, talked about the current state of the band, our goals and he agreed to rejoin. That year we played a few concerts in Lithuania and finished releasing our first 3 singles. It was time to make some new music. With Andrius back in the band the writing process became more collaborative as previously all songs were pretty much written by Adomas, except the lyrics which were done solely by Deividas.”

IN BLOOM by Sutemose Photo
IN BLOOM by Sutemose Photo

“The first track we made was our newest single “There’s Room for Hatred”. Sadly, a few months before the release we parted ways with our drummer Zygis, who has since been replaced by Aistis, who is also playing in a local emo/alternative/indie band “Dadcap”.”

Currently, In.bloom is working on new material for an upcoming EP and playing live occasionally.

To expound a bit more on their influenced, we asked the band to give us a playlist of inspirations of their choice! Check it out below and here on Spotify.

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