Lock Down by Michał Kurzyk
Lock Down by Michał Kurzyk
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LOCK DOWN – Polish hardcore punk kids (literally) teasing debut album – new track streaming

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Fresh off their Summer gigs in Poland, including their supporting acts with the CRO-MAGS, The Corpse, Bishops Green, Plizzken, live appearances at Food Not Bombs Fest in Bielsko-Biała, Rock ‘w’ Rock Mosina Festiwal, and their most recent show with CF98, Polish hardcore punk rock youngsters LOCK DOWN are ready to inject some young blood to their local independent music scene.

Consisting of  10 year old drummer Alex, his father and two 14-years-old friends Włodek (guitars) and Wiktor (vocals), LOCK DOWN have managed to wrap up their crowdfunding campaing and are currently in the process of mixing their debut 8-track release, to be detailed in the coming months.

To celebrate, we have teamed up to give the first listen of their debut track “Change”!

Hardly commited to the DIY and fueled by the energy of their youth, the boys are very enthusiastic, but don’t be fooled by their endearing innocence. There no getting away from the strength and honesty of the music, as well as socially and politically engaged lyrics.

“Being a teenager in today’s world is more difficult than ever before.” – comments the band. “School and family pressure, hate, jungle in social media, peers’ expectations, threat of war, awareness of social inequalities, refugee problems … our music helps us to survive and we would like to share it.”

LOCK DOWN by Michał Kurzyk
LOCK DOWN by Michał Kurzyk

“It’s our teenage rebellion and anxiety through melodic harcdore/punk music, sharp guitar riffs, aggressive drums and melodic vocals. Lockdown – we are the change!!!!”

Asked about their aspirations and goals for this project, they admit that they want to engage young people in hardcore punk music, “pull them out of their phones screens and computers so that they start to look and think about what is happening in the world, and what they are able to change for the better for the planet, animals and other people.”

LOCK DOWN are looking for a record label that would be interested in releasing their work, so feel free to reach via [email protected].


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