The Windmill, Brixton by The Dulwich Raider,
The Windmill, Brixton by The Dulwich Raider,

London’s very best independent music venues

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For many people, London is the home of music. A capital city that contains musical offerings from every genre, from eclectic jazz to emotive post-hardcore bandsemotive post-hardcore bands, music lovers are filled with endless possibilities in England’s capital, with some of London’s finest independent venues playing host to some great music on a Saturday night.

Also hosting great gigs throughout the week, London has always been home to top entertainment options. People head there to see West End shows and watch Premier League football matches, but also to listen to the soft strumming of an acoustic guitar, as heard in the Aloha King Elvis game, and to sample music in other areas, such as the London Philharmonic Orchestra. For people with an interest in alternative and underground music, there are also some great bands to see in venues that are well worth frequenting.

Of course, you’ll need to do some light research before going to make sure the music you like is playing on the night you’re available, but these tried and trusted venues tend to showcase the very best music in this area. So, if you’re ever in London and fancy rocking out in a top independent venue, then the locations below are worth visiting.

Lock Tavern is one of Camden’s finest

Camden is a much-loved area of London that alternative folk feel immediately comfortable in. A place to enjoy some heavy guitars, the Lock Tavern is one of Camden’s finest places for music. Camden is the capital of alternative culture in London, making this vibrant venue a place to stay at for a few hours. Typically, the Lock Tavern features DJs and a variety of bands, including indie bands who are looking to make a name for themselves.

Brixton Jamm has it all

If you want a strong package of acoustic music or you fancy dancing the night away to some hardcore grunge, then Brixton Jamm is well worth a visit. Also hosting a diverse range of other musical offerings, such as heavy metal and jazz, this extremely popular venue offers a welcoming vibe and has a solid reputationa solid reputation with music lovers in the city. You’ll certainly need to do your research before jumping on the Northern Line, though, but Brixton Jamm generally has it all. But you’ll just have to make sure you’re there on the right night.

The Windmill is another great venue in Brixton

If Brixton Jamm’s line-up isn’t tickling your fancy one night, then The Windmill’s strong offering just might. A small venue that can only house around 150 rockers, this intimate music haven is one of London’s top venues as it does a remarkable job of highlighting some of the most talented independent UK bands and bands from around the world. Musicians travel from afar to play there, with a plethora of well-known bands of today being hosted there in the past, such as Los Campesinos!, Black Lips, and Frightened Rabbit. Given the size of the venue, though, it’s worth getting there fairly early if you’re desperate to see some tunes in the flesh from a band you adore.

EartH only opened in 2018, but its reputation is growing

Johnny Marr live at Earth, 2018, @russ_leggatt
Johnny Marr live at Earth, 2018, @russ_leggatt

If you’re in Hackney, then get yourself down to Evolutionary Arts Hackney, aka EartH. After opening in 2018, the venue has put on a number of memorable music-themed events, with everything from underground artists to world-famous bands being hosted there. You can see a hidden gem one evening and then take in music from the likes of Stereolab and The Tallest Man On Earth the next.

Also, look into The Dublin Castle, The Hope & Anchor, and 100 Club.

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