They want the DESCENDENTS to play the longest running all ages venue in the States before it’s gone forever!

242 MAIN
Burlington’s 242 Main is the oldest all ages venue in the United States and it has been providing a diverse music experience in Vermont since 1984! In order to pay a tribute, Vermont native Nick Grandchamp (GET A GRIP) started a noteworthy petition to get the legendary punk rock act DESCENDENTS to play 242 Main before it closes this winter! GO HERE to vote and visit this, this and this space to learn more.

Located inside Memorial Auditorium, 242 Main has been a beating heart of Vermont’s independent, underground music for 32 years. It will be closing in December.

DESCENDENTS have just released their first album in 12 years on Epitaph Records.

About the venue:

LEEWAY, 1995:

TRIAL, 2012:

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