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5 “Best For Business” Wrestlers in the coming year, by Eddie Gobbo of edgy rock’n’rollers SOMETHING IS WAITING

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Once thrived amidst the raw clamor of noise rock, Chicago’s Something Is Waiting have evolved. Their transformation isn’t a mere shift; it’s an audacious fusion of Sunset Strip’s charisma with the head-banging beats of ’90s metal, echoing the spirits of Pantera, White Zombie, and Skid Row.

Chicago Reader aptly encapsulates their latest album with a testament of its unique allure, describing it as, “Sunset Strip swagger forged with a sonic sledgehammer of ’90s metal… A record so unexpected and weird that I can’t help but love every second of it.” And it’s not just them; Invisible Oranges praises the band’s evolution, noting how they’ve “refined their sarcastic, glam-infused noise rock into a larger-than-life vehicle of sardonic riff delivery.” Such sentiments resonate across critics, with Lambgoat highlighting their distinctive sound, where “guitars crunch loudly, bass is bouncy, drums rollick and punch hard.”

Eddie Gobbo, the charismatic frontman, is more than just a musical maestro. With a pen as sharp as his vocals, Gobbo is also renowned for his astute insights into the world of pro wrestling. His expertise is so profound that he once helmed the wrestling column, “Mark For War,” for MetalSucks. This year, as Pro Wrestling Illustrated releases its coveted “Top 500” wrestlers, Gobbo is gearing up with a counter-response, offering his personal “top 5 pro wrestlers of the past year.” A delightful deviation from the usual, but one that showcases the breadth of Gobbo’s passions.

Something Is Waiting has not just waited; they’ve reinvented, and their latest album, Absolutely, stands testament to that. Released under Learning Curve Records, it’s a magnum opus that stands out in today’s musical landscape. As New Noise rightly puts it, this is a band that “truly marches/moshes to its own beat.”

The band’s sound is reminiscent of a time when Riki Rachtman’s cue cards were filled with the names of emerging groove-metal icons and hair metal legends. Yet, they also resonate with the cacophonous delight of the nihilistic noise rock aficionados who were entranced by their performance at the recent Caterwaul Festival. As they carve their niche and redefine genres, Something Is Waiting proudly heralds the dawn of “nu roll,” a genre where they reign supreme, undeterred and unparalleled.

5 “Best For Business” Wrestlers in 2024:

by Eddie Gobbo

Grayson Waller

Waller will become a household heel in the coming year. He’s often compared to the MIZ but I see more of a Neo-GENIUS LANNY POFFO than anything. Impactful yet dainty wrestling style (perfect for a life long heel), all while lethal on the mic. Things are starting to line up for WALLER to have a killer stretch. WWE creative has tethered him to AUSTIN THEORY, creating a nice yin yang. Where Waller lacks in ring skills, he makes up in promo and vice versa. They’ll learn from each other while soaring together and I can’t wait for an inevitable double cross coming from which of these two douches, who knows?! With the recent announcement that WWE’s premium live event ELIMINATION CHAMBER will be held in Perth, Australia this year, how can WALLER not be one of the focal points of this HUGE smack-dab in the middle of WRESTLEMANIA season show? A GRAYSON WALLER effect featuring THE UNDERTAKER, I think is just what the doctor ordered.

Toni Storm

Another Aussie graces the list! Many are focused on WWE signing JADE CARGIL, her potential feuding with CHARLOTTE and BIANCA, maybe even winning this year’s Rumble and challenging RHEA RIPLEY at Wrestlemania, etc. But who will be the one to fill the void she left in the AEW Women’s division? Toni is the obvious answer as her recent Hollywood Starlet Baby Jane Wackjob character is the most leap-off-the-screen gimmick in the game right now. Overnight she went from being kind of an afterthought in Women’s Wrestling to being the best character in it. Don’t look now, but WWE has kind of log-jammed with female talent. Do some of them start to entertain the idea of jumping ship to AEW to work with someone next-level special like TONI? Keep our eye on Bayley.


Some pushes you can see coming a mile away, like NXT’s TIFFANY STRATTON or DRAGON LEE who they’re both trying to weave in to a Main Roster roll asap. But the slow builds are always the best. How many classic moments has RICOCHET given us over the years? He doesn’t wear a mask but he’s every bit the Super Hero REY MYSTERIO is. And there’s really nothing left for WWE to do with him other than give him a much deserved main event title push. May sound crazy, but RICOCHET is my dark horse to win this year’s ELIMINATION CHAMBER match. I say CHAMBER and not the ROYAL RUMBLE cus likely whomever wins the Rumble (Jey, Cody, Gunther?) will have to challenge ROMAN at Mania or they’ll look weak. The Chamber winner will get Seth and I really feel that WWE has planted seeds of a Seth/Ricochet banger babyface feud. Just imagine how sic a SETH ROLLINS/RICOCHET match on the grandest stage of them all would be (likely before Rhea’s rightful spot headlining Mania this year). It’s his time.

Matt Riddle

It’s not his time. BUT we love a good comeback story don’t we? Here’s the deal with Riddle: He has his head up his ass. But at the end of the day RIDDLE is two things if nothing else: Harmless and AUTHENTIC! He’s not playing a character. He IS a character. He’s also INSANELY good in the ring. Ever see him wrestle a 20+ minute match on a RAW or NXT? Insane motor. Weird crossover Muay Thai style I don’t see from anyone in all of Wrestling. LAIDDDDDD back promo. This dude is SO AEW bound and I think with the slightly Bro-friendly schedule compared to WWE, the fact that fellow Boneheads of WWE Past like JERICHO and EDGE will vouch for the fact that he can indeed change (or at least maintain), Bro is going to have a great year. Well, maybe half a year. 4:21. (Couldn’t find my bong).


Have you seen them? I ask that as I think this faction is SO under the radar, it’s criminal. If you haven’t: Think Die Antwoord meets Zoolander. So avant garde. So fun. Oozing legit young talent. LOVE IT! Come to think of it, I don’t remember a faction EVER being composed of two dudes and two gals. NOAM DAR and ORO MENSAH are surgical in the ring. Both great on the mic too with ORIGINAL voices, relaxing deep in to their respective Scottish/Swiss accents. JAKARA JACKSON is finally getting an in-ring push in this year’s NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament. From what I’ve seen she’s ultra athletic with an “I’m better than you” charisma like a MANDY ROSE. As for LASH LEGEND, MOST UNDERRATED TALKER IN THE BUSINESS, OKAYYY????!!!! This faction is money and in their infancy stages. Buying in to them is equivalent to buying stock super low, only for it to rise up to Mid-Card Smackdown prices a year from now.

Something Is Waiting tour dates:

Oct 28 – Chicago, IL – HEAVY CHICAGO FEST @ Livewire
Nov 2 – Milwaukee, WI @ X-Ray Arcade
Nov 3 – Minneapolis, MN @ Cloudland Theatre
Nov 4 – Madison, WI @ Crystal Corner Bar
Nov 9 – Nashville, TN @ The Cobra
Nov 10 – Jeffersonville, IN @ Losers
Nov 18 – Lafayette, IN @ The Doom Room
Nov 22 – Kenosha, WI @ The Port
Nov 30 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Bridge Music Bar
Dec 1 – Columbus, OH @ Cafe Bourbon St
Dec 2 – Kent, OH @ The Zephyr

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