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“Look back and reflect” – TX vicious hardcore pack AMYGDALA return with a new powerful track

Look back and reflect
It’s been two years since San Antonio’s hardcore punk strikers AMYGDALA released any music since their jaw-dropping album Population Control, and today the band brrings a one song promo of a track that will land on their upcoming album!

This song was solely inspired by a rough night we had in Austin, Tx. Conversation of subtle sexism and why it should have no place on any platform or stage.

Labels involved with the physical publication of our album is tba. I’m excited for this release and the future plans we have for it. Thanks for anyone and everyone’s support.


Dont you know the words you spew have so much power
They have control in light of any situation
But not tonight
Tonight youll pay the price
Your potrayal of white guilt
Has benefitted your social image
But i see right through you
Youre disorted and angry because WERE angry
And soon youll stray from the path
Sometimes i wonder if you ever look back on that day
Reflect on that night

I wanted comradery
I wanted community
I wanted to feel like i could belong where im supposed to be[‘
But you took it away
And now well continue to carve our own spaces
as you continue to walk on stage
With this facade
That you care about women and people of color

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