LOVELOST blend MySpace era emocore with modern post hardcore, tackles anxiety, depression and life struggles

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LOVELOST reaches back to the early 00’s emocore era, describing their sound as a modern twist on that sweet old take on emotional hardcore, and they’re quite right—their romantic blend of nostalgic emo and contemporary post-hardcore continues and expands the niche carved out by modern bands like Being As An Ocean.

Their single ‘BurnBright’ exemplifies this perfectly, with its earworm qualities and a dynamic, tightly packed chorus that easily gets stuck in your head.

Formed as a passion project between Tobias and Sam, the band grew more serious as their love for the music deepened, leading them to recruit Ed and Anthony, both active in the local South West music scene.

Their new single ‘Losing Everything’ tackles personal struggles such as anxiety and depression, capturing a raw, cathartic energy that they hope listeners can relate to.

Despite their short time together, LOVELOST has quickly gained attention from major platforms like BBC Radio 1, Kerrang, and Spotify. Now ambassadors for Fender, Zildjian, and Shure, they continue to push their sound and plan more releases and live shows throughout the year.


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In our full interview, we delve deeper into their journey and influences. We talked about their unique place in the music scene: too soft for fans of heavier music, but too intense for fans of softer rock. They discuss how they ended up playing this genre and what inspires them, classifying themselves discussing the inspiration behind their first three tracks.

LOVELOST also talked about their collaboration with Year Of The Rat Records, thanks to a recommendation from their friends in SAVE US.

Hi guys, listen, let’s start with this – for fans of heavier stuff, you might be too soft, but you have a bite that’s too strong for fans of softer rock sounds. From emotional hardcore through bands like BEING AS AN OCEAN, this style has evolved and dried up on the modernist, accessible side of the genre. Tell us how you ended up playing this music and what inspires you. How do you like to classify yourselves?

As a band we are all fans of old school MySpace era emo music and we are trying to revive that era but with a modern twist. The best way to describe ourselves is ‘Emo-Core’ where we blend nostalgic elements of emo with modern post-hardcore.

How did the band form? Where exactly are you from and what’s your musical background?

The band originally formed as a project between Tobias and Sam. Over time it became more serious as they fell in love with the music they were making. This is where they both started seeking out members to be apart of the band and luckily come to find Ed and Anthony who have been previously involved with the local music scene in the South West (Somerset / Bristol).


On your local scene, were you more of a standout or did you fit in with other artists? Who were your local inspirations?

This one is hard to answer as we are so new to the local scene. However, we share the same label, are close friend with and live in the same area as Save Us, these guys are crushing it and an inspiration to the local music scene.

What inspired your first three tracks? Could you comment on each track individually?

The EP expresses the struggles and challenges we have faced around anxiety, depression and the struggles we have faced in life.

Each song circles around a particular, personal experience.

For us it’s been cathartic to get this out to the world where we hope people can relate and resonate with the meaning behind the songs.


What is your new single ‘LOSING EVERYTHING’ about?

LOSING EVERYTHING is about self sabotage and how we may destroy friendships and allowing anxiety to consume you.

How did you get involved with Year Of The Rat Records?

We were recommended to approach Year Of The Rat by our good friends in the band Save Us.

We sent our demo over to James at YOTR and he digged what we had written. Since then their help and support has been incredible!


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Which other releases have caught your attention this year, and what would you recommend to fans of your genre, and perhaps even beyond?

So far we love the new releases from Nothing, Nowhere, Bilmuri, however we cannot help ourselves and dig into the archives.

We are huge fans of Underoath and bands alike, so always find ourselves going back to them.


What are your plans for the coming months? Do you have any concerts planned?

Currently we are planning more releases throughout the year and hope to plan some live shows later this year.

Finally, is there anything else you’d like to add that we might have missed? Feel free to use this opportunity to share anything with your fans.

As mentioned, we are releasing more music throughout this year! Keep those eyes and ears peeled.

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