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LUNE share the last taste of new record before its release, listen to ‘Misery Dialogue’!

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Metalcore act LUNE are releasing their debut EP ‘Ghost’ Friday, June 12th. Today they are dropping the last taste of the record before its release – ‘Misery Dialogue’. Pre-Orders for their debut 5-track EP ‘Ghost’ are live NOW at this location.

A band already touted to be ones to watch, triple j unearthed‘s Tommy Faith said this:

LUNE might just be the next heavy act we see coming through on a national level because this new record is a battering ram that’ll heed no obstacles and brook no defiance”,

New single Misery Dialogue is the second piece in the story of the Ghost EP. Vocalist Nathaniel Smith says that

“The lyrics are an internal monologue of someone critically questioning their every action and purpose in an emotionally extreme way, letting their darkest and most self deprecating thoughts consume them. We all have thoughts of self doubt and self criticism from time to time but this song represents those feelings, pushed to the extreme. Set against a crushing and frantic instrumental, the song’s maddening tone paints the scene for the rest of the story to unfold.”

Hysteria Mag have praised the band in the past, saying,

“Beatdowns, synths, rampaging rhythms, and guttural vocals, Lune have all the classic elements of your standard posthardcore outfit, only it’s the non-linear direction of their song structure and the asymmetrical melodies that make this track stand out from its contemporaries.”

triple j presenters Josh Merriel and Mitch Alexander have already sung their praises – with Mitch saying Lune’s singles are

“Heavy as all hell, and when it gets melodic, it’s STILL heavy as hell.” and Josh saying “This is so heavy that I am going to have to up my gains just so I can try and handle this track.” Mirror Image was added to rotation on triple j unearthed radio.

Formed in 2019 by former I, VALIANCE guitarist Krys Smith and brother Nathaniel Smith on Vocals – the group also features bassist Tyler Hendley, guitarist David Freeland (I, Valiance) and drummer Harrison Mills (Blind Oracle).

Having already left their mark, with three singles already released – ‘GHOST’, ‘MANIPULATOR’ and ‘MIRROR IMAGE’, LUNE have amassed hundreds of thousands of plays and thousands of followers in the few months since their launch.

“Misery Dialogue” lyrics:

You are what you consume and I consume my own misery

How much can I fucking consume before I go and lose myself?
Is this my creation
Or is this someone else?

I can’t help but just compare myself.
I can’t help but turn my anger on myself

Don’t move
Don’t speak
Don’t even fucking bother to try and breathe
Your presence is an insult to everyone else

You are a waste of air

Don’t move
Don’t speak
Don’t even fucking bother to try and breathe

Your presence is an insult to everyone else
You best be sorry for all of that wasted air.

Who are you without everyone else?
You are nothing
Misery speaks to me

Do you
Do you
Do you hear them?

You analyze and identify
but never ever execute

You’ll never ever be like the others you’ve seen
You’ll never grow you’ll be sick and diseased
Stuck here with me.

You’re fucking stuck

You’ll be sick and diseased stuck here with me
So bury me.

Who are you without everyone else?
When you’re left with no one but yourself
You’re nothing
You’re nothing

This music cannot be the hope we want it to bring
So bury me with my hopes and my dreams
My hopes and dreams.

Bury me.

You fucking bury me.

Let me in
Let me in
Let me drown you in stagnancy
let me watch you self destruct

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