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LYNC’s classic returns with fresh resonance: “These Are Not Fall Colors” deluxe LP reissue

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In a time where nostalgia rides high and the 90s’ indelible mark remains on our cultural psyche, Lync, the short-lived but deeply influential band from the Pacific Northwest, has announced a deluxe LP reissue of their seminal album, These Are Not Fall Colors. Set to be released on October 20, 2023, via Suicide Squeeze, this promises to be more than just a throwback. It’s a celebration, a re-immersion, and a testament to a sound that has never truly faded.

The Sound That Defined an Era

What made Lync unique was its audacious departure from the mainstream and its undying commitment to raw, unfiltered expression. These Are Not Fall Colors, originally released during the summer of ’94, epitomized this ethos. While the grunge explosion of the early ‘90s catapulted Seattle into the global limelight, the subsequent underground scene sought a different sound, characterized by emotional depth, melodious punk, and a distinct DIY spirit. Lync captured this vibe flawlessly.

This reissue sees the original tracks, remastered and enriched, evoking the era’s spirit while retaining their inherent freshness. Songs such as “Pennies to Save” and “Cue Cards” exemplify their uncanny ability to blend different inspirations, creating a genre-bending soundscape that resonates even today.

LYNC by Jeff Smith
LYNC by Jeff Smith

Lync’s Legacy: Ripple Effects Beyond Their Time

Despite their relatively brief existence, the band’s influence can’t be overstated. Their DNA runs through many beloved Pacific Northwest bands from the ’90s and ’00s. Members made significant contributions to other projects, with appearances on Beck’s One Foot in the Grave album, involvement in the revered indie rock group Red Stars Theory, and connections to iconic bands like Modest Mouse and Built to Spill.

The reissue, pressed on 180g vinyl, comes packaged in a luxurious gatefold cover, enriched with printed inner sleeves and an expanded artwork selection by Jesse LeDoux. Accompanying this is an 18×24 poster featuring in-depth liner notes by Brian Cook, providing context and a deeper understanding of Lync’s unparalleled influence.


Rediscovering the Roots

For those who were there during Lync’s reign, this reissue serves as a soulful trip down memory lane. For newcomers, it offers a glimpse into a transformative period in indie rock history. As reviews from Pitchfork, Consequence, and AllMusic suggest, Lync’s sound wasn’t just a product of its time; it was timeless.

These Are Not Fall Colors reissue invites everyone to relive, relove, and rediscover a sound that was both ahead of its time and deeply rooted in its era. Dive into the world of Lync once more, with the new video for “Pennies To Save” serving as the perfect entry point. Watch it right at the top of this article.

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