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MAN OVERBOARD’s Justin Collier interviewed by AMP Magazine, April 2012

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MAN OVERBOARD‘s lead guitarist Justin Collier was recently interviewed by AMP Magazine.

For those who have not been following MO, what would you say you bring best to the table musically?
I think we are a pretty forward- thinking band. We are constantly trying to find new ways to bring people music and get them involved and engaged in our band, label and scene. Naturally, different things work for different bands, but I would like to think that we are contributing something a little more than just music to the scene and to the people who follow us.

Lyrically driven songs seem to be prevalent of the overall structure of MO, how has personal experiences and “hick ups” over the years provoked song writing? Because the songs are so identifiable across the world to fans, how does MO process this connection between the music and listener?
We write songs that are either a simple story to understand or more importantly, simple and relatable which I think is why people connect with them so well. Everyone has gone through some sort of heartache or coming of age struggle so that’s typically what our lyrics involve.

Promoting the pop punk genre, what type of camaraderie goes along with this genre? How does one “defend” their genre?
All the bands on Rise, Run For Cover, No Sleep, Lost Tape, etc. are pretty much all friends or related in one way or another so it’s a beautiful scene to be a part of. Everyone helps each other out and there is a lot of crossover when bands do that… Someone else’s fan becomes their friend’s band’s fan. I don’t think anyone has to defend anything from anyone, but helping to promote and assist your friends and similar minded bands is always good for everyone.

Touring the United States, what experiences on the road has made an impact on you? How do you see a comparison from what’s happening in the USA- to what’s happening in the rest of the world on a musical, cultural, or political level?

Touring America and the rest of the world are very different. In America we drive ourselves and rely on ourselves so it’s really an us-against-everything-else state of mind. When we tour elsewhere in the world we rely on other people, be it the driver, local tour manager or translator to make sure things run smoothly, so we are in a bit more of a vulnerable position. As we tour more and more we get a better handle on things.

What has been the greatest criticism MO has received from peers/fans on the road or in the studio, and how have you guys responded?
No matter what you do there will always be haters for one reason or another… luckily we don’t give a shit so it doesn’t affect us. If you get hung up on what other people think you’re going to cut yourself short and water down what you are doing so at least for us – it’s convenient we don’t care.

What are your summer plans looking like?
We are heading out on the Vans Warped Tour this summer and then possibly a little more touring before we do another album… so it’s looking like a lot of shows and recording in our future.

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