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MASS GRAVES and MACHINIST sign to Eulogy Recordings!

MACHINIST! Is a hardcore punk band from Valdosta, GA. They have released two 7″ through speedway records and have toured consistently this past year. They are currently preparing a new release for eulogy recordings. The new album should be out early 2015.

MASS GRAVES is a five piece hailing from southern Massachusetts,creating a blistering assault of hardcore infused with metallic element as well as progressive thrash. If you like the heavier bellows of the early 2000’s mixed with the 90’s technicals and a splash of today’s modern touch,then MASS GRAVES is that ugly head peaking around the corner that you’ve been waiting to catch for a while.

MACHINIST commented:

Machinist! has been a band for three years now. three whole years already. we’ve had a ton of amazing experiences. lost some members. found some new members. three vans in three years. countless tours. two 7 inches. one split. Lots of sitting on the side of the road in a broken down van. lots of scraping money together to keep doing what we do. The point here is through all this time we have moved forward. Don’t ever let someone tell you your hopes and dreams are unattainable. Don’t you dare give up.


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