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Meghan O’Neil annnounces her departure from SF powerviolence act PUNCH!

PUNCH band

Band photo by Reid Haithcock. Top / featured photo by Ally Newbold Photography.

Punch is a socially conscious hardcore band from San Francisco, California. They carry a recognizably fast, heavy sound with pulverizing breakdowns, intelligent song structures and absolutely plastering vocals. Their Debut EP, “Eyeless” (2008), “Self Titled” LP (2009) and secnnd LP “Push Pull” (2010) were joint releases on record labels 625 Thrashcore and Discos Huelga. Their 2011 EP “Nothing Lasts” was released by a partnership of 625 Thrash,Discos Huelga, and Deathwish Inc. / Deathwish Inc.

Punch (Multi-Cam Full Set) from hate5six on Vimeo.

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