Riskee and The Ridicule by GreenBeanz Photography
Riskee and The Ridicule by GreenBeanz Photography
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Melodic grime punk rockers RISKEE & THE RIDICULE explain influences behind new album “Platinum Statue”

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Grime punk band Riskee & The Ridicule is set to make a comeback with a new album scheduled for release in 2023, accompanied by an upcoming EU tour. Their latest single, “My Name,” was unleashed back in April, and today we’re uncovering some more details behind the new release, as well as the band’s eclectic mix of influences.

As the lead single from their forthcoming album, “Platinum Statue,” set to be released on August 25th, “My Name” serves as a glimpse into the overall sound and direction of the new record. Produced, mixed, and mastered by Oz Craggs at Hidden Track Studios, both the single and the full album promise to deliver a caustic, groovy, and powerful sonic experience.

Frontman Scott Picking describes “My Name” as a defiant response to backstabbers, self-righteous keyboard warriors, and diluted punk culture. It simultaneously serves as a celebration of the underground music scene and its profound impact on the world of music.

The track carries an anthemic quality, embodying the spirit of working-class individuals who fearlessly express their thoughts and beliefs, a theme that permeates throughout “Platinum Statue.”



Renowned for their thought-provoking themes and hard-hitting sound, Riskee & The Ridicule have received critical acclaim from publications such as Kerrang!, Clash, Vive Le Rock Magazine, Mass Movement, and Original Rock. As they embark on their EU tour starting on April 7th, the band will headline various venues, including Pitcher in Düsseldorf, The Green Door Store in Brighton, and Firebug in Leicester. They will also make appearances at festivals like Right To Roam and The Alt Escape.


Asked about their list of top influential albums, Riskee & The Ridicule confirmed that they draw inspiration from a diverse range of artists and albums. Here are their toppicks: Gallows’ “Abandon Ship,” Crazy T’s “I Can See You,” Beartooth’s “In Between,” Enter Shikari’s “Radiate,” Sleep Token’s “DYWTYLM,” Dirty Goodz’s “What You Looking At,” Rancid’s “Maxwell Murder,” Dead Kennedys’ “Holiday In Cambodia,” Biffy Clyro’s “Now The Action Is On Fire,” The Dirty Nil’s “Nicer Guy,” Lethal B’s “POW (2004 Version),” Refused’s “Rather Be Dead,” Shadows Fall’s “The Light That Binds,” Incubus’ “Rogues,” Dizzee Rascal’s “I Luv U,” The Ghost Of A Thousand’s “Bored Of Math,” Madina Lake’s “House Of Cards,” Deafheaven’s “Dream House,” Wiley’s “Wot Do U Call It?,” Slipknot’s “Spit it Out,” System Of A Down’s “Suite-Pee,” and Oceansize’s “Build Us A Rocket Then.”

“When writing and recording our new album, Platinum Statue, it was the first time that we properly used each individual band member’s musical influences to go into every track across all genres.” – shared the band.

RISKEE & THE RIDICULE by GreenBeanz Photography
RISKEE & THE RIDICULE by GreenBeanz Photography

“This collection of songs is a good example of what we have always loved, were listening to whilst writing/in the studio and songs that we’ve found recently. From genre-defining Grime cuts like Wiley and Lethal B to some of our all time biggest influences in Gallows, Enter Shikari, Refused and The Ghost Of A Thousand, classics that range from the punk roots of Dead Kennedys or 00s rock/metal in System Of A Down and Slipknot and more recent releases from genre-bending Sleep Token and Deafheaven. The mix of everything we loved and combining it into our unique sound was something that lead Platinum Statue to become what it is now.”

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