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Melodic post hardcore rockers AS CITIES BURN release new single “Chains”

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Louisiana post-hardcore outfit, AS CITIES BURN, embark on a new chapter in their creative journey today with the announcement of their first album in ten years. Scream Through The Walls marks not just the end of a decade-long absence, but the first album featuring the Bonnette brothers collaborating since the band’s seminal 2005 debut, Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest. Scream Through The Walls will be out June 7th on Rude Records/Equal Vision Records.

In celebration of this momentous announcement, the band shared a new single, “Chains”, with their fans today as well. “Chains” immediately bursts into action with raw energy, taking aim at the self-made restrictions that society places on itself by way of Cody Bonnette’s sharp, foreboding lyrics. You can listen to “Chains” below and pre-order the new album ahead of it’s June 7th release.

Speaking on the occasion TJ Bonnette says:

“As Cities Burn has always been about creating music that is real and true to ourselves. We didn’t know that things would circle back around allowing us to work on another album together, but life’s a crazy thing. We are truly thankful for each and every person who’s supported our band throughout the years and we’re excited to share our new album, Scream Through The Walls, with you.”

Since their inception in 2002, As Cities Burn have garnered tremendous respect for their progressive take on the post-hardcore genre. Upon the release of their 2005 full-length debut, Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest, fans and critics alike fell in love with the balanced dynamic of TJ Bonnette’s visceral screams and the clean vocals of his brother, Cody, who also serves as the primary songwriter in the band. In 2006, TJ’s new marriage saw him leave As Cities Burn for a new life in Mississippi. The remaining members forged ahead, undergoing several lineup and stylistic changes over the next three years and releasing two more acclaimed full lengths – Come Now Sleep (2007) and Hell or High Water (2009) – before disbanding in 2009. Now a decade later, As Cities Burn are ready to unveil Scream Through The Walls with both Bonnette brothers sharing vocal duties yet again. The band collaborated with producer Matt Goldman (Underoath, The Chariot) to help capture the signature frenetic energy of their live show. Scream Through The Walls is a rallying cry, not only for themselves but for anyone that will listen, to push against the mental barriers erected when struggling through one’s darkest moments. Previously released as a stand alone single late last year, “2020 AD” was the first taste of the band’s revitalized direction and strikes the perfect balance of intimate revelations and universal relatability that runs throughout the record. Scream Through The Walls will be out June 7th on Rude Records/Equal Vision Records.


(he’s got a gun)
like a city that has no walls
here’s a man with no self control
(he’s got a gun)
he’s got his hands on the gun that’s all
bullet big enough to bury the world
thank god i’m not afraid
i’m not afraid to die

really really though
i really am afraid to die
gave me a good scare
it was enough to keep me inside
going live to the scene
what a shame it wasn’t me
what a shame i only see
blind leading the blind leading the blind

it’s seeing with your eyes
it’s seeing with your eyes that makes you stumble
i feel for you
i feel
it’s seeing with your eyes that makes you stumble

i’m in this too
i’m in this

it doesn’t matter
it doesn’t matter what chains you choose
it doesn’t matter
just so long as it’s chains you choose
cleverly left up to you
do you believe in freedom too?
the american dream is a green grave plot
the only thing left to do

i feel for you
i feel
it’s seeing with your eyes that makes you stumble

i’m in this too
i’m in this

all my friends have confidence
it’s common sense to rely on sight
it’s not right, it’s not right
when climbing this is foot to head
instead let’s lay the ladder down
settle the matter now
settle the matter

love is the end
love is the means

now there’s a level plane
why (are) you thinking only gain?

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