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Memphis emotional post hardcore act CHERRY SMOKE teasing new EP with screamy, haunting new single “Prisoners”

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CHERRY SMOKE, an emerging post hardcore band from Memphis, Tennessee, has just released their newest single “Prisoners” – a poignant exploration of regret, loss, and the struggle to avoid pain. Drawing on deeply personal experiences and influences from literary greats such as James Joyce, the band’s lyrics invite listeners to confront their own reflections on life, love, and death. With the haunting repetition of the Joyce quote “They lived, they loved, they laughed, they left” in the song’s bridge, CHERRY SMOKE weaves a powerful tapestry of emotion and introspection.

“Prisoners” is a part of CHERRY SMOKE’s third EP, “Out of Pocket”, which is set to be released in early Summer 2023.

The band’s plans for the year are ambitious, as they eagerly anticipate playing compelling live shows, releasing the EP, and venturing out on tour.



“When I think of Memphis hardcore, the word eclectic comes to mind.” – says the band’s drummer and vocalist Eli Berry when asked about their local scene in Memphis.

“It is a scene that is hard to nail down and pretty divided to be honest. There’s not a ton of ongoing beef or anything, it just has its pockets of crowds who are into slightly different sounds than one another. There are some pros to this and also some cons. I’d like to see our band draw interest from all crowds of people. The metal kids, the punk kids, and the emo/shoegazey players.”

“I would recommend checking out Memphis Underworld, Jadewick, Autolith, Geepmane, and Ritual Fog to name a few.”

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