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MERDA back from their U.S. tour

MERDA is perhaps best known as the brother-band of the legendary MUKEKA DI RATO, but they certainly don’t live in that shadow. Quite popular in Brazil in their own right, and having already toured Europe, Give Praise Records brought them to America in late August.

These guys have been belting out fast hardcore with hints of melody and the occasional samba part for over ten years now, including some releases on Sound Pollution Records.
Give Praise Records is working on the full-length LP that should be out late September.

SPHC-28: Merda – “Indio Cocalero” by SPHC

MERDA U.S. East Coast tour dates:
August 25 (Saturday): New York, NY
August 26 (Sunday): Baltimore, MD
August 30 (Thursday): New Brunswick, NJ
August 31 (Friday): Philadelphia, PA
September 1 (Saturday): Boston, MA
September 2 (Sunday): Albany, NY

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