DOGMA by Rik Vulders @fujicolordreams
DOGMA by Rik Vulders @fujicolordreams
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Metallic hardcore band DOGMA ignites OCCII venue with a message of resistance

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Amid the raw energy of OCCII, an iconic Amsterdam venue known for its subversive sounds and eclectic mix, DOGMA, a band rapidly gaining attention in the Netherlands’ hardcore scene, delivered a performance that was more than just music. It was a manifesto. In their recent live set, captured by the Silent Call Collective, DOGMA showcased not only their heavy offering, but also their unwavering commitment to social justice.

In the heart of OCCII, amidst the pulsing beats and roaring guitars, DOGMA’s message echoed clear and strong.

Their lyrics, a blend of personal outcry and political commentary, reverberated off the walls of the venue, each word a strike against the injustices they stand firmly against. The audience was not just entertained; they were mobilized, a community united by a shared passion for music and a shared disdain for the inequalities and violences plaguing our world.

DOGMA by Rik Vulders @fujicolordreams
DOGMA by Rik Vulders @fujicolordreams

DOGMA’s style, rooted in the gritty and aggressive realms of metallic hardcore, reflects their strong stand against violence and discrimination.

This ethos isnโ€™t just a backdrop for their music; it’s integral to their identity as artists. Their recent initiative to support the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund through merchandise sales is a clear indicator of their dedication to making a tangible difference.

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