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Middle-Man Records unleashes ‘Combustion V.3’ screamo compilation with SparX megaZine

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Middle-Man Records is thrilled to announce the release of “Combustion V.3,” the latest installment in the vibrant series under the banner of SparX megaZine. This edition continues the tradition of honoring influential punk zines such as MRR, Heartattack, and Punk Planet, which have left a significant mark on the punk community.

Combustion V.3 dives deep into the punk, screamo and post hardcore scene with an array of content designed to capture the essence of this raw and rebellious genre. The zine features comics, columns by Chris Gough and others, insightful interviews—such as the one with Dischord Records legends Black Eyes conducted by Mace Guzman—alongside reviews from Aster Scott and Aeryn Jade Santillan.

David Norman of Zegema Beach Records contributes a scene report, giving readers a glimpse into different punk scenes around the world.

A standout feature of this issue is its accompanying compilation CD, which offers an eclectic mix of tracks. This CD includes exclusive, never-before-heard songs from Daisy Gold and Wishes On A Plane, alongside previously released material from bands like Heavenly Blue, coma regalia, Be Safe, Mt. Ida, Second Impact, and many others.


Those interested in a tangible piece of punk history can purchase the 30-page zine bundled with the CD for $10 USD.


For the true collectors, a special offer bundles all three volumes of the Combustion series at a discounted price, ensuring fans won’t miss out on any part of this seminal series.




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