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MIDNIGHT SOULS interviewed by Some Will Never Know Zine

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Some Will Never Know Zine recently had the chance to chat with MIDNIGHT SOULS.

You’ve been around in hardcore for a pretty long time and have seen bands come and go. Where most people get jaded and focus on the bands that were big at the time they really started to appreciate hardcore you are one of the ‘older’ guys who still keeping check new bands. Do bands like La Dispute give you as much as American Nightmare or has the way you are into bands changed over the years?

First and foremost I’m a fan of music, so I always like finding new bands that might bring something new to the table. The only problem is that after about 15 years you’ve heard it all, and you’ve heard it done well and probably better. So newer bands have a lot to compete with. Maybe it’s because I’m older, but the problem with newer bands I feel is that they want to sound like some band without having reason to sound like them and that makes their act unbelievable. I can imagine people comparing us to other bands, but I can honestly say that was never our intention. We only wanted to sound like Midnight Souls.

With that being said, there are still bands popping up that can surprise me. La Dispute is not my favorite band, but they bring something different to the table. Other records are just good. No one can deny the craftsmanship of the entire Defeater discography. Jay writes some incredible riffs, the drumparts are one of the most original I’ve ever heard in straight forward hardcore and lyricwise the concept idea works really well. I just hope they don’t drag it out to a point where it becomes a charicature. It’s normal you’ll always be nostalgic towards the bands that really got to you in your younger years, the years that mattered. Those bands probably shaped your life for a good part, but it’s silly to think that everything old is better.

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MIDNIGHT SOULS – “Always Simple Never Easy” video:

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