For Example John by Natalia Maciąg Photography
For Example John by Natalia Maciąg Photography
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Midwest Emo from Łódź, Poland premieres captivating new singles – listen to FOR EXAMPLE JOHN!

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If you’re on the hunt for some fresh math rock/emo vibes, let me introduce you to FOR EXAMPLE JOHN. Hailing from Łódź, this cool crew is crafting some seriously intricate tunes. Their sound is a mix of math rock’s complex rhythms and the emotional intensity of midwest emo, packed with tapping guitar riffs and looped live parts that’ll keep you hooked.

“For Example John was created as an online project in 2020. The founder was Piotr Pietrzak – a guitarist and composer, who invited musicians from different parts of the world to collaborate on recording each new track – from Australia, through Japan, Poland, the United Kingdom, to the USA.”

What started as an online project during the pandemic has now solidified into a full band rocking stages in Poland and beyond. The current lineup is Aleksandra Banasiak on vocals, Piotr Pietrzak on guitar, Bartłomiej Polniak on bass, and Artur Pędziwiatr on drums.

The band’s style is a blend of math rock, indie rock, and a hefty dose of midwest emo. Think lots of live-looped guitar parts, irregular time signatures, and melodies that stick with you.

Piotr’s guitar work, inspired by YVETTE YOUNG (watch below), TTNG, AMERICAN FOOTBALL, and a slew of Japanese math rock bands like TOE and THE CABS, brings a unique flavor to their music.

Their debut singles, “Too Hard to Decide” and “Stranger,” are out now.

Both tracks showcase the band’s love for intricate guitar work and emotional depth. “Too Hard to Decide” tackles the anxiety of making life decisions, while “Stranger” is a raw expression of anger and confusion directed at an unknown figure.

“Too Hard to Decide” is a song about the difficulty of making the right decisions in life. It’s about how many of us would like to simply receive a manual for life and never again worry about the responsibility for our choices—whether they are good or bad. Can we have them under warranty or exchange our decisions for new ones? And what if the manual doesn’t exist, or worse, if we’ve lost it?

For Example John

Stranger” carries a lot of anger towards the so-called “stranger.” It’s an outpouring of emotions directed at a person—but is it that specific person who is at fault and has become a stranger, or is the protagonist projecting their negative experiences onto newly met people? Next time you say “hello” to someone, consider that you might hear “goodbye.”

For Example John

The band’s debut album “Hello Stranger drops on May 31, 2024.

With 11 tracks clocking in at around 42 minutes, this record promises to be a rollercoaster of emotions and technical noodles.

For Example John

Asked about their local fellow bands, FOR EXAMPLE JOHN recommends checking out these bands they’ve shared or will soon share the stage with:


“We particularly appreciate their sentimental lyrical layer and compositions.”

SON OF DENI (Warsaw)

“An amazing blend of screamo and jazz with phenomenal guitar skills.”

MEATBALLS (Poznań/Szczecin)

“A lot of midwest emo and punk inspiration, with great emo lyrics that avoid cringe.”

LONG TIME NO TALK (Zielonka near Warsaw)

“A huge talent for creating melodies, all in an emo/math vibe, and great stage energy.”


“A stronger variant of emo, especially appreciated for their honesty.”

FOR EXAMPLE JOHN are gearing up for a slew of live gigs, including international shows. They’ve already played several shows in 2023 and early 2024.

There are plans for more shows in the UK, Germany, and Czech Republic, including dates in London with THE YACHT CLUB and FLY FLY TRICERATOPS, and in Berlin, Leipzig, and Dresden with RELATIONSHIP ADVICE and SEPTEMBIE.

For Example John

Upcoming Shows:

May 16 – Bydgoszcz Botanic + SEPTEMBIE
May 17 – Toruń Końcówa + RELATIONSHIP ADVICE (Cologne) + SEPTEMBIE
May 18 – Gdańsk Czudner SPOT + RELATIONSHIP ADVICE (Cologne) + SEPTEMBIE
May 19 – Poznań CK Amore + RELATIONSHIP ADVICE (Cologne) + SEPTEMBIE

June 7 – Kraków Tu i Ówdzie + HEADWINDS + PARANOISE
June 8 – Bełchatów ZbychEwka

For Example John

July 26 – Luzik Fest
July 27 – Bielsko Biała Pub Stolarnia + DYSTYMIA + FALL & FELL (Slavicin, CZ)
July 28 – Mikołów Krawczyka 21 + DYSTYMIA + FALL & FELL (Slavicin, CZ)

For Example John

Nov 9 (TBC) – Wrocław Centrum Reanimacji Kultury + Szpital Uniwersytecki

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