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COOL BUT RUDE: new Syracuse band shredding the undeground hardcore scene

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Greg and Gavin are the dynamic duo behind COOL BUT RUDE, a two-piece band from Syracuse, NY, that’s set to make waves with their unique blend of hardcore punk, metal, and a dash of funk and pop.

“We are a no gimmicks, no BS kind of band that just wants an ongoing outlet to challenge and sharpen our tools as we grow older,” says Greg, who handles guitar and vocals. This straightforward approach is evident in their raw, energetic sound, which Greg describes as “heavy but upbeat with simple but shreddy riffs.”


The two musicians have a long history together, having played in various lineups over the past four years. However, the pandemic provided the impetus to solidify their collaboration. “We were living together during the COVID lockdown and just needed to practice our instruments so we didn’t get stale while in the pandemic. This manifested itself in multiple different titles through the last four years, and we feel like now we have found our sweet spot,” Greg shares.

Their latest project, a demo featuring tracks like “What You Deserve” and “Split Skulls,” is a testament to their evolution.

The former track, “What You Deserve,” is a gritty anthem about work ethic and expectations. “I have always prescribed to the ‘nose to the grindstone’ school of thought when it comes to goals and accomplishments as opposed to waiting for someone to offer you the opportunities you want. Work your ass off and take advantage of every opportunity you can!” explains Greg.


Gavin, the drummer, brings decades of experience to the table. “Gavin has been playing steadily for two decades in tons of local groups, mostly highlighting as one of a few drummers in some residency bands here in Syracuse that do a mix of covers and originals. This has allowed him to become one of the most dynamic drummers in the area with versatility in style and ability,” Greg notes.

Despite their strong live performance potential, Cool But Rude isn’t in a rush to hit the stage. “We have not played our first show together yet but honestly are not in a hurry. We both have busy lives and are totally open to anyone that would have us, but it has to work for everyone,” says Greg. Instead, they’re focused on sharing their music with as many people as possible through their Bandcamp page, where all their songs are available for free download.


Greg and Gavin draw from a dirty blend of musical influences. Greg lists DONNY BENET, GUNSHIP, VIAGRA BOYS, DADI FREYR, and SONJA as his current top bands, reflecting a diverse taste that spans genres and styles. Gavin’s favorites include DEAD HEAT, DRAIN, TRAUMA CAT, MANNEQUIN PUSSY, and TURNSTILE, showcasing his preference for bands that push the boundaries of hardcore and punk.

Both debut tracks were recorded, mixed, and mastered by Adam Ast at Fresh Manor.

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