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Midwest Emo pioneers CAMPING IN ALASKA share top 10 influentian albums, new acoustic EP streaming

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Fresh off the release of three new acoustic songs, titled Lost and Found, Midwest Emo band CAMPING IN ALASKA are joining us today for a special list and their commentary on top 10 albums that influenced their writing!

In September 2013, Camping In Alaska released their debut, please be nice, and would play a few shows. Over the years, the record has become a relic on youtube and r/emo, becoming a cult classic.

Currently the band is in the process of readying their new album, ‘Eggbeater Jesus’, which is still in production.

The band released please be nice in 2013, BATHE in 2014, Welcome Home Son in 2016. The new EP features old recordings from a few years ago.

Top 10 albums that influenced Camping In Alaska:

Camping In Alaska

Modest Mouse – Lonesome, Crowded West

“This album is intelligent without being pretentious, lofi without being unlistenable, and angry without being immature. Isaac Brock’s lyrics are honest and effortlessly clever.”

Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

“Recording a double album is an impressive feat on its own, but The Smashing Pumpkins raise the bar on Melon Collie with nothing but fantastic songs. This album is Billy Corgan at his best as a songwriter. As a drummer myself, I’d be remiss to not make note of Jimmy Chamberlin here. His drumming is exceptional on this record.”

Shudder To Think – Pony Express Record

“In my opinion, Shudder To Think perfect the post hardcore style with Mercury-like vocal chops and prog sensibilities. Craig Wedren’s dramatic vocalizing is the icing on the band’s angular, dissonant cake.”


Jawbreaker – Dear You

“An album that’s undeniably the kind of 10 you’d take a punk show after a classy dinner. Cheap beer after expensive wine. The kind of album you’d marry.”

Slint – Spiderland

“This record sounds like it’s off it’s meds at midnight on a garbage barge floating down a drainage ditch after a monsoon. Manic yet satisfying. “


Jets to Brazil – Orange Rhyming Dictionary

“My favorite album of all time. Period. Blake’s lyrics can be melodramatic but in the most earnest way possible. This record can hit you hard and then make you wanna move in a span of seconds. Always been my favorite.“

Pavement – Slanted and Enchanted

“You gotta listen to the deluxe version with all the b sides, some of them are better than the album tracks lol. Countless songs on this record have influenced the way I play guitar, modest mouse is the only other band that I think influenced my guitar playing this much. Perfect.”

Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 – Strangers From The Universe

“Probably the most unique album on the list, noisy and all over the place, these guys took more chances on experimentation than their predecessors Sonic Youth (also incredible) did. Some of the most evil crazy noises mixed with some of the most sparse and beautiful instrumentation and vocals I’ve ever heard. Another perfect one.”


Portishead – Dummy

“Portishead. Beth gibbon’s melancholic vocals and lyrics have been a huge inspiration for me. Dummy is an album that, for me, encapsulates cold, wet despair and frustration like no other.”

Alex G – House of Sugar

“It’s really hard to pick one Alex G album, because all of his albums give me something different yet perfect. House of Sugar is the choice here though because at the time of its release it perfectly captured where I was at the time: the hope of moving forward without looking back and the simultaneous bittersweet sense mourning that comes with that process.”

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