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Mike D says BEASTIE BOYS recorded new music before MCA died and hints at retirement

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Earlier this week, THE BEASTIE BOYS‘ Mike D was interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine, where he revealed that the group recorded new material with Adam “MCA” Yauch last fall before he died a couple weeks ago.

On the new material, he states:

Adam instigated it. It could only come from him, in terms of where he was at with treatment. It was stuff we had written or demo-ed, and there were new ideas. He wasn’t sure he was able to do vocals. But after a bit, we ended up doing them. And he was fine. It was a way for him to say, ‘Yeah, I’m doing it.’

Mike also hinted that THE BEASTIE BOYS may retire after MCA‘s death, although he might continue making new music. He explains:

I can see making music. I don’t know about a band format. But Yauch would genuinely want us to try whatever crazy thing we wanted but never got around to.


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