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WE RIDE interviewed by Some Will Never Know, May 2012

Jonas of WE RIDE was recently interviewed by Holland-based zine Some Will Never Know.

Up till now you’ve released a demo and a full-length album, you’re also planning on releasing a new one this summer? In what way have you evolved since you started out, and what will the new album be all about? What kind of subjects are you taking up on this one?

Yes, June 1st we start recording our new album, we can’t wait. Every album is better than the last and on this one we are playing the kind of hardcore that we really love. The first two albums were more influenced by hardcore punk with melodic parts and some new school parts. This new one will be harder and filled with rage, strength and energy. The album deals with a lot of things. Things we love and things we hate. But the lyrics and message are always really important. We try to get people to think when they listen to it. The truth is that the lyrics are slightly more negative than on the other album, we will not cheat, but times are changing and the world is getting more fucked up!

What would you say is your main influence musically?

We are music lovers and open minded. None of us are focused on a single genre and if we brought together our iPods we would have a collection ranging from classical music and opera to death metal and rap. Our favourite hardcore bands are Comeback Kid, Down To nothing, Cruel Hand, Cold World, No Turning Back and Bitter End.

In your song Party Girls you criticizing people that visit hardcore shows thinking it’s a fashion show? Am I right? Could you tell me more about why you wrote this? Was this based on something you’ve experienced?

Yes you’re right! We talked about the “party girls” at hardcore shows, and yes it’s based on something we’ve experienced! I think it’s enough to say that some of those girls went to a Sick Of It All show in high heel shoes and miniskirts. The funniest thing is that in the end they were asked to go to backstage, haha.

What would you say is the main theme throughout your music? What subjects do you generally write about and what are you pissed off about?

We shout against politics, against the people who run our governments, against the exploitation of nature, against people who want to manage our lives and make us just one more. We shout against the world, always in a positive way, if we complain it’s because there’s a solution! We also have songs that are on the other side of the spectrum, songs that deal with the fun, hanging out with your family, party with our crew and always do what we want to do to be happy with ourselves. Life goes by so fast.

The rest of the interview can be read here.

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