Mike Heller to fill in for Gene Hoglan on FEAR FACTORY’s upcoming tour

FEAR FACTORY have tapped Mike Heller (MALIGNANCYSYSTEM DIVIDE) as their new touring drummer, filling in for Gene Hoglan, who announced last month that he decided not to tour with the band this spring when they support their upcoming album “The Industrialist”.

Heller had this to say:

It is an incredible honor to be chosen as the new drummer for Fear Factory! It’s something I never would have dreamt of as a kid listening to “Soul of a New Machine” and “Demanufacture” over and over again in middle school. It’s also an incredible honor to be following in the footsteps of two of the most amazing and influential drummers in metal drumming history. I hope to continue their legacy, creating some of the most forward-thinking and innovative music available today.

Mike Heller live:

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