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Mike Muir on new material from SUICIDAL TENDENCIES

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SUICIDAL TENDENCIES recently gave Loudwire an update on the band’s first set of new material since 2000’s “Free Your Soul and Save My Mind”.


He states:

We’ve always had new music in the works. Now it’s actually to the point that we have some that we’re ready to put out. Now is the time to put out a new record and we feel really, really good about it. There will definitely be a record out this year.

On what fans can expect from the new SUICIDAL:

The way we look at it is that next year will be the 30th anniversary of our first record. When we look at a record, we don’t want to have it sound like 2012. We want it to sound awesome 25 years from now, so when a kid who wasn’t even born when we made it listens to it, he’s like, “Damn, that’s a cool record!” I just had a guy from a radio station tell me that some listeners have been requesting the new song ‘Institutionalized.’ The young listeners don’t realize that’s an old song! Something like this [Orion] is good for us, too, because a lot of people who wouldn’t have listened to us will check us out because they know Robert was in the band.


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