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MILK TEETH – “Brain Food” video

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MILK TEETH have debuted a new music video for their track “Brain Food”, coming from their new record “Vile Child“, to be released on January 29th via Hopeless Records. Check out the new track below and scroll down to see the previously released music video for “Brickwork”, as well as the full list of the band’s upcoming tour dates.

Reflecting on the new release, guitarist/vocalist Josh explains that “Brickwork is a song about the feelings you keep and the love/obsession you never truly loose even after the anger/detest for another sets in as you watch it all slowly decline.”

With songwriting way beyond their young years, Milk Teeth have made their mark as one of the most exciting new acts. The band recently announced that they will be hitting the road with Tonight Alive and Our Last Night in February 2016. The tour kicks off inLondon on Thursday, February 18th and ends in Birmingham on Friday, February 26th. A full list of show dates can be found below.



I never had a plan of where I’m headed
Struggle to keep a job and make ends meet
End up wasting hours on daytime TV
Cause no one in this town will hire me
Friends are picking up my cofee bills now
Just to get me out of my own room
The daily papers blame our generation
But you and I know that they spoke too soon
I’m stalling
Time wasting
It’s hopeless
There must be something else this place can ofer
Or I’ll be stuck like chewing gum on shoes
Bored and looking for some entertainment
There’s only so much sleeping I can do
I’ve hit the point where I face getting kicked out
Threats aren’t so empty when your moneys dry
Don’t want to live with mum and dad forever
But what’s a dream if you don’t even try
I’m stalling
Time wasting
It’s hopeless

Tour Dates:

MILK TEETH on tour

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