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MIRACLE DRUG (members of SUPERTOUCH, MOUTHPIECE) share their ‘best of 2017’

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With 2017 rapidly coming to a close tonight, it is time to look back at the past year. We have already shared a bunch of great wrap-ups by a number of labels and artists, and we have one more right here, plus some latecomers to follow up in the next couple of days. Louisville, KY’s MIRACLE DRUG caught our ears earlier this year when they signed with Andrew Kline’s WAR Records and released their excellent debut EP How Much Is Enough, and we’re very pleased to share their picks for records of the year. If you don’t have your finger on your 2018 New Year’s Resolution, don’t you worry. You can use the following list and do you homework!

On the How Much Is Enough EP, a follow-up to their 2015 demo, MIRACLE DRUG brings a six-song blast of raw, aggressive, yet melodic-tinged hardcore that should satisfy both fans of the early Revelation Records catalog and late ‘80s D.C. hardcore. With a sound that spans different generations of hardcore, MIRACLE DRUG puts their own spin on a sound crafted in the ‘80s by bands like Swiz and Dag Nasty, mixing it with a more chaotic and noisy brand of hardcore played by such ‘90s hardcore bands as Sparkmarker, 108, Refused, and Threadbare.


2017 was an awesome year for us. We released our EP How Much is Enough on War Records and played a ton of awesome shows including This Is Hardcore and Fly Over Fest in Tulsa, OK. 2018 is shaping up to be another great year. We plan on recording a bunch of new songs and hopefully have a new release by the end of the year. We’ll also be playing a bunch more shows out of town. We’ve got plans to make it down to Florida and hopefully out to the west coast later this year.

Here’s our ‘Best of 2017’

Free – Ex Tenebris EP

Transgression – Hateful Demonstration

Julien Baker – Turn Out The Lights

Wicked Garden – Demo

Propagahndi – Victory Lap

Piece of Mind – Harsh Reality

Abuse of Power – When Then Becomes Now

Curb Your Enthusiasm season 9

The Punisher – Netflix Series

Heavyweight Clothing Company

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