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MODERN PAIN interviewed by In Effect Zine

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In Effect updated with a new interview with Dallas, Texas’ MODERN PAIN.

modern pain

Dallas Texas’ Modern Pain flat out just kill it and are one of my favorite bands out there today. There are no “ex-members” of tags attached to these guys of famous bands they used to play in. What you get with Modern Pain is 4 hardcore grunts who basically get in their van and go play to anyone who will listen to them. No fuss, no filler. These boys are the real deal bringing a wide range of diverse musical backgrounds to the table which results in a gritty sound that is uniquely Modern Pain’s. The surrounding Dallas area already knows these guys are the shit and now it’s hopefully your turn to get infected with some good new music. Check out the Bandcamp link at the end of the interview where you can get both of their EPs on the cheap (how does $0.00 sound to you?) This January 2013 interview is with their guitarist Jay. Graphics by Bas Spierings and most photos by Gray Muncy who is also solely responsible for making me get into this band. Thanks dudes.

Go here to check it out.

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