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MONO – “Where We Begin PV” video

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Japanese ambient post rockers from MONO just released 2 new records and are now unveiling a breathtaking music video for the track “Where We Begin”. As an independently funded project, this collaboration is being supported by a Kickstarter campaign – go here to check out the details.

“The Last Dawn” & “Rays of Darkness” out now in North America viaTemporary Residence Ltd.! Pick up your copies at this location.

The film follows life of Sophia who is near her end. This is a period dance short directed by Mitsuyo Miyazaki with music by MONO (Japan)

The story was inspired from the experience Mitsuyo had when her grandmother had passed away. She witnessed her grandmother pass into the afterlife in a very symbolic way. Her inability to write something so powerful led her to create this dance narrative. She knew that this message was larger than words and she would have to find a medium that could express it. Knowing the obstacles before her, she began seeking out music that would inspire the film.

Nearly 16 years after from her grandmother’s death and over 3 years of searching for the music, Mitsuyo was introduced to MONO, a renowned Japanese post-rock instrumental band. After working with them closely as a photographer for their new album The Last Dawn and Rays of Darkness, she began creating what is now known as “Where We Begin” the film.

The film’s title “Where We Begin” was named after one of MONO’s tracks from their new album The Last Dawn. The title has such a powerful and positive way of describing our lives, as well as, the core theme of this films heartbeat.Needless to say finding the title for the film was effortless.

We are extremely thankful for our team, volunteers, the local community of Cedar City, Utah, and Southern Utah University for their enormous support in Mitsuyo’s vision. Making a film is difficult, but when you have chemistry and kindness present everyday, as we did, the potential moves beyond expectations.We are all very proud of what we created together and look forward to begin sharing the film with the rest of the world.

Thank you for your time and however you choose to generate for this story. Reading our words alone is a gift of your time and we appreciate you!

MONO project

The legendary MONO have returned with so much ferocity that it must be split up into TWO albums! The Last Dawn and Rays of Darkness find MONO shedding the massive orchestra that had become a trademark of their sound over the past decade in favor of a stripped-down, face-melting combination of vintage shoegaze, experimental metal, ambient pop, and melodic doom. This is the most pure and visceral expression of MONO’s music in over a decade, and assuredly some of their strongest work ever. Each album is available in CD and standard black vinyl LP, but while supplies last you can also order the Super Deluxe Die-Cut Gatefold Colored Vinyl Edition which includes BOTH albums in one stunning package. Those are in a numbered edition of 1,000 copies, so don’t think too long on it!

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