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“Mother Nature Really Sucks” – Bearded Punk Records pop punk rockers AVEM share new video

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Ontario-based pop punk band AVEM, known affectionately as ‘Ramonescore Bird Nerds‘, have joined forces with Bearded Punk Records for a limited European vinyl release of their debut album, ‘Three Birds Stoned‘. The album, set to be released on June 16th, comprises of 19 melodic pop punk tracks, brimming with the vibrant energy of buzzing guitars, melodic ascents, and an abundance of vocal harmonies.

The band recently shared a video for ‘Mother Nature Really Sucks‘, a single from the forthcoming album. The video encapsulates AVEM’s signature blend of engaging visual narratives and infectious musicality.

Originating from the serene countryside of Southern Ontario, Canada, AVEM’s lyrical content revolves intriguingly around the life experiences of humans, albeit as told through the perspective of birds. It’s an unconventional theme that provides a unique backdrop to their lively music and catchy melodies.


In terms of the album’s physical release, there will be a limited run of 100 black vinyl copies available. Preorders for ‘Three Birds Stoned‘ are now open and can be placed at the Bearded Punk Records‘ official website.

The tracklist for the album is a two-sided affair, featuring tracks like ‘AVEM’, ‘Rat Race’, ‘Mother Nature Really Sucks’, and ‘Red Winged Blackbird’ on Side A, while Side B boasts tracks such as ‘Just Like Me’, ‘Snowy Owl’, and ‘Blue Jay’, among others.


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