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MOTÖRHEAD’s Lemmy interviewed by Auburn Reporter, June 2012

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Auburn Reporter recently conducted an interview with MOTÖRHEAD singer and bassist Lemmy, who mentioned that the band will be releasing their new record in 2013.



What band on the Mayhem Festival are you most interested in seeing, and why?

Slayer – ‘cos I haven’t seen ’em since we toured with them years ago.

Even though you’ll only be in each place for a short time, what city on the Mayhem tour are you most looking forward to?

Boise, Idaho – first time for Motorhead!

What city in the world do you most like and why?

I like anywhere that likes me!

If you could choose anyone in the world to spend an hour in conversation, who would it be?

Rihanna – I could probably spare her two!

What Motörhead song are you most proud of?

Orgasmatron / March or Die.

Most people may not know that you’re an avid reader.  What book are you currently reading?

I’m reading “Game Of Thrones” by George R.R. Martin for the second time!

You go to record stores sometimes – what music are you next interested in buying?

Music I like!

Is Motörhead currently writing new material for the next record, and if so, when can we expect the next release?

Next year – We have about 6 songs so far.


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