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Kerry King on the new SLAYER record and status of Jeff Hanneman

Last weekend (June 30th), conducted an interview with SLAYER guitarist Kerry King, who gave them an update on their new album and their other guitarist Jeff Hanneman, who contracted necrotizing fasciitis, likely caused by a spider bite, last year.


On the new album:

If I get off my ass and start writing again on the road — since we’ve been in Europe, I keep trying to work on lyric ideas, maybe some leads, and fixing songs that didn’t work correctly — it should be a real quick process

On Jeff Hanneman:

He’s rehearsed with us a number of times. He tried to do the Fun Fun Fun Fest [in Austin in November]. That’s the last time he tried to get out and do a show, and he’s just not there. It’s no secret we’re very intricate, especially rhythmically. But he can’t do that yet. . . After Mayhem, we’ll re-evaluate and see if he’s any closer. We’re planning for him to come back and the door is open, because it’s his fucking gig. If he can play, Jeff Hanneman is going to fucking be here, and I’m stoked about that. I love playing with [Jeff’s temporary replacement] Gary [Holt from Exodus], and he’s doing a killer job, but if Jeff came back and said ‘I’m ready,’ I’ll check him out to see that he’s ready, and off we go.

SLAYER live:

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