MOUNTAIN MAN’s gear gets stolen in practice space theft

MOUNTAIN MAN have announced that their practice space was broken into this past week.

They address the following issue:

Our practice space in Worcester, MA in the Webster Square area was broken into between Monday and Tuesday night. The gear that was stolen was an Orange OR50 (blood underneath the power and stand-by switch), ESP Red Strat style guitar with a black pick gaurd. it is caked in blood and has Duncan Hot Rails on the bridge and a Duncan Little 59 in the neck, Ampeg SVT3 with no back faceplate, Ampeg 8×10 bass cab with worn Tolex. I understand these are pretty broad descriptions but please repost this and keep your eyes peeled. Strat Serial Number is 18254. also missing a Zildjian 20in K Custom Dark Ride. has some discoloration(green and white sticking marks) and has been played quite a bit. Thank you.

If you have any information regarding the band’s missing equipment, send an email to



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