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“The Outsiders” Vol. I heavy hardcore compilation streaming online

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“The Outsiders” Vol. I hardcore compilation, including a lot of great bands well known for an Idioteq visitor, is streaming in its entirety below! Play it loud!

The track listing is:
1. TWITCHING TONGUES “Preacher Man” from the 7″ EP on Closed Casket Activities
2. OLD WOUNDS “Disbelieve” from the LP ‘From Where We Came Is Where We’ll Rest’ out Winter 2013 on Glory Kid Limited
3. ASTRONOMER “Ghost Mouth” exclusive to compilation. New LP coming in 2013 on A389 Records
4. RAINDANCE “To Hell With Them” from the 12″ EP ‘New Blood’ on Animal Style Records
5. CASTING CURSES “Slamification” from the self-released LP ‘Validation’
6. SLEEPWALKERS “The Wolf And The Moon” from the self-released EP
7. APART “Two Lane Blacktop” from the LP ‘Gray Light’ on Mayfly Records
8. ANCIENT SHORES “Forget The Sinking Ships” from the Split EP with Cynarae out Spring 2013 on A389 Records
9. MOUNTAIN MAN “That won’t always last.” from the 12″ EP ‘Two’ on No Sleep Records
10. THE TEETH ‘Wind Up’ from the self-released LP ‘Homewrecker’

the outisders

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