MOUSE FITZGERALD – “Living Like A Mouse” (2016)

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The opening clusterfuck is like The Reptilian but much heavier and shifts with little-to-no transition into a super catchy rock riff and yelled vocals. The mathy side of this lengthy piece of work is really interesting to listen to and simply a delight. From just past two minutes until the end of the song the light and airy post-rock/ambient screamo parts work really well as they rise and fall with sections of really catchy stuff jammed in there that sounds like a cohesive whole. “Deafheaven, CT” has the catchiest of all the vocals and are so beautifully placed that I have to sit down lest I get lightheaded and fall, with a final half that acts as a hammock made entirely of feathers that ensures you don’t hit too hard. The last minute of the song has the chorus section again but they extract the clean vocals and substitute screamed ones instead, being quite possibly the only time in my life where I wanted the singing instead of screaming. “Egregious Philbin” is 4:20 of posty emo rock, “Unusual Circumcision Stances” begins like a sexy take on a Mogwai song and slowly morphs into City Of Caterpillar and “Hannibal Lecturer” closes the album in an anti-climactic way, but it’s still a jazzy and jammy little ditty that is playful math rock. / Open Mind / Saturated Brain blog


If you are a new comer Mouse Fitzgerald (NY) synthesize a number of loves into a small and often intimate package. It frequently has an air of 90’s alternative but with a real appreciation for intricate rock (post-hardcore and math alike) early emo and a punk spirit (in vocal delivery). That’s not to say that these guys channel one more than another but you get a decidedly different ratio with each song while still maintaining a healthy identity. Tempo’s are varied and and songs provide some nice structural surprises along the way. (…) It’s beyond a fantastic album.. period and a powerful statement for leaving at the end of their run. I always wish more groups would spend less time playing into something and exploring personal loves within a song while then moving onto the next group of idea’s. MF are a prime example of this and for that reason I would recommend this to any one with a passing interest in rock music as whole. / Plenty Of Swords Blog
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