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мятеж / KELUT release devastating new split record; full stream available!

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мятеж (Chris of YAPHET KOTTO, JENNY PICCOLO, MARAKA, ANAL KNIEVAL & THE ANASAZI and Dave from Zegema Beach Records) have teamed up with bleak, experimental screamo act KELUT (members of YUSUKE) for a new 10 track split that showcases both bands’ skill in experimentation, and melds different flavors in an unexpected fashion. Opening with a thunderstorm and transforming through ambient, atmospheric and surprisingly comforting soundscapes, the split moves onto more dynamic second part where KELUT makes it burst into life with a sheer power and precision. Listen below, order a copy via Zegema Beach Records (Canada / New Zealand)IFB Records (USA)Dead Tank Records (USA), or Dead Punx Records (Belgium), and go here to check out more detailed feature.

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