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Münster monster JUNGBLUTH morths into atmospheric new entity CRIMINAL BODY

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Münster, Germany’s bleak hardcore band JUNGBLUTH has transformed into an atmopsheric post punk act CRIMINAL BODY and they’ve just premiered their new singl, exclusively via The new track is called “Sodium Lights” and comes from their new self-titled 12″, to be released on February 23rd via This Charming Man-Records. These guys have expanded in style to a conscious troupe that is not concerned with the expectations and not afraid of going outside their defined style. It’s so nice to see them making a bold next step and getting comfortable. Listen below and catch them live at Stumpf in Hanover, Germany on January 27th, alongside CAFFEINE. The rest of the shows are listed below.

The band commented for

“Actually, everything started with our writing for the third JUNGBLUTH record. Looking back, it’s almost as if we were trying to revive a kind of feeling and mood that’s hard to duplicate, and the result was us thinking about rebuilding our approach and idea for this band, and that was incredibly liberating. We felt that we are able to do everything musically and to start from scratch – paradoxically, that was our initial demand for our songwriting with JUNGBLUTH.”


27.01. Hanover – Stumpf
24.03. Mülheim / Ruhr – AZ Mülheim – Fiducia Fest VI
07.04. Bielefeld – AJZ Bielefeld
12.05. Mannheim – RAMA recording studio

What a nice, pleasant, almost relaxing new wave’ish post punk, right? Ok. So now sit back, buckle up and recall their previous incarnation with their excellent record “Lovecult”:

JUNGBLUTH’s message from October 2017:

Dear friends, since we formed this band almost exactly five years ago many things have changed. Not just on a personal level. The world is still turning but the way it is makes us scared. Within these times we’ve been touring constantly, have written, recorded and released a demo tape, two LPs and a Split 7″ always trying to put as much work in it as we could. Every single second was worth it as we got 10 times the energy back. We’ve met the best people from all over the globe – a lot of them we’re happy to call friends.

But now in October 2017, we haven’t played one single show for a year, instead we focused on writing songs for a possible third LP. And within this process we felt something was missing. We can’t describe what it was and still is – we’re still angry – but to take this and form something positive yet energetic and engaging just doesn’t always work out. Sometimes you’re in the right spot at the right time, you can enlighten places with your ideas, your music, your words. But there’s also the feeling of this energy you can’t reproduce and despite of all this warm and positive feedback over the years we felt the need to try out something new and looked for other possible ways to express our feelings and ideas. As a result this band will no longer exist in its original form. We’re still a band – but a different one, with a different name making different music. More on this soon.

So this is it. For now it’s winter. We’re forever grateful. Thanks for everything. 💕 Julian, Flo, Hendrik

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