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“My Own Path” – CARD READER share new single and music video

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Long Island, NY-based emotional hardcore / punk rock band, Card Reader, has released their latest single “My Own Path“, a compelling fusion of melodious and gritty elements that characteristically define emo and post-hardcore. The song, accentuated by the additional vocals of Tom Accamondo, is a testament to the band’s hard-rocking abilities.

The song revolves around the theme of survival, as expounded by the band’s vocalist and guitarist, Tom Petito. “This song is about carving your own path in life, fighting for it relentlessly, never surrendering to opposition, trusting your abilities, and taking risks. With this mindset, you become the sole determinant of whether you’ll achieve your goals or not,” said Petito.

The track, available for streaming on Spotify, was produced by Nik Bruzzese and is enhanced by guest vocalist Tom Accamondo.

“This release is special to us since we got the opportunity to work with Nik Bruzzese, Tom Accamondo, and Sean Ageman. Sean’s innovative concepts always bring out the best in us during shoots, and Tom’s vocals were a fantastic addition. I’ve known Accamondo for quite some time and watched his music career flourish with Senseless. So, having him feature on a Card Reader release is truly special. This song pushes our sound’s boundaries, packing more animosity than ever before,” added Petito.

“My Own Path” is now available across all digital streaming platforms. Alongside the single, a music video directed by Sean Ageman is also out now on Spotify and YouTube.

Card Reader, a renowned Emo/Hard Rock band from Long Island, NY, includes Dan Reynolds on drums, Marc Lambert on the guitar, Dan Boest on bass, and founder Tom Petito on guitar and vocals. The band’s debut single, “Familiar Voices,” was released in February 2020, and since then, they have been on a roll, consistently pushing out new music and touring across the northeast, midwest, and as far south as Cape Coral, FL.

Their latest single “My Own Path (feat. Tom Accamondo)” is the first to be released from their upcoming sophomore EP “No Stranger“, set to be released on September 15, 2023.

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