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Deathjazz! AGABAS unleashes gut-punching jazz-fused heaviness with new single “Evneveik”

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Emerging from the cool, brooding landscapes of Trondheim, Norway, Agabas—sporting lively floral shirts that starkly contrast their heavy sound—have stamped their high-heeled boot firmly on the metal scene with their novel and intense fusion of jazz and post hardcore infused metal. They’ve christened this unlikely symbiosis “deatjjazz,” a term as intriguing and compelling as the music itself.

Their entrance single, “Evneveik,” due to be included in their forthcoming album “A Hate Supreme,” is a powerful anthem that resounds amidst the tumultuous cascade of their music. Released via Vinter Records on September 16, the song espouses a message far removed from the raw aggression of its sound—“Fighting hate with more hate doesn’t solve anything, it only creates more hate.”

This audacious band has left indelible impressions on the Norwegian live scene, stirring up a maelstrom of kinetic energy that resonates within anyone lucky enough to bear witness. The whirlwind of their performance is a tempest of compelling musicality that drags audiences into its frenetic center.

Agabas‘ distinctive feature, which is also their secret weapon, is the saxophone. More commonly associated with the subdued ambiance of dimly-lit jazz clubs, this surprising instrumental choice pirouettes above the tumultuous terrain of riffs and blast beats, casting a uniquely alluring light on their soundscape. Those with an ear for Meshuggah, Gojira, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Shining will undoubtedly find the fresh notes Agabas brings to the table fascinating.

Evneveik is a message to those who try to use acts of terror as a dumb excuse to spread racism and intolerance. Fighting hate with more hate doesn’t solve anything, it only creates more hate. In tough times we need to show each other compassion, and we need to fight hatred with love.” – comments the band.

In spite of their relatively brief existence, Agabas has managed to create a veritable spectacle—a chaotic ballet of jazz elements juxtaposed against the harsh backdrop of heavy metal. As they gear up for their full-length debut album release, the band’s potential seems as expansive as the genre they’re redefining.

Today marks the premiere of their video “Evneveik,” an audiovisual declaration of their genre-defying ethos and their resounding message of countering hatred with love. Their impassioned plea, delivered through their visceral music, echoes within their eclectic soundscapes.

Agabas by Wilhelm Krohn Lundewall!
Agabas by Wilhelm Krohn Lundewall

Agabas’s journey represents a unique dance of musical styles, with metal and jazz engaging in a passionate tango, spiraling into the sonic abyss and leaving a trail of vibrant, auditory chaos. So, fellow music adventurers, fasten your seat belts, and brace for a deatjjazz thrill ride with Agabas, a journey that promises to be as fun as it is intense.

The band members include Sondre Sørensen Brønstad lending his guttural vocals to the mix, Oskar Myrseth and Jarand Aga Baas working their magic on guitars, Alexander Dellerhagen infusing unexpected riffs on his saxophone, Johan Jamtfall maintaining the rhythm on bass, and Bjørn Syverinsen pounding out heart-stopping beats on the drums.

The upcoming album, “A Hate Supreme,” boasts an added layer of authenticity, having been produced and mixed by the band’s own guitarist, Oskar Myrseth, at Piir Studio in Trondheim. This close-knit involvement in production not only elevates the authenticity of their sound but also underlines the band’s dedication to delivering their music undiluted.

Agabas by Wilhelm Krohn Lundewall
Agabas by Wilhelm Krohn Lundewall

In celebration of their album release, Agabas is planning a Norwegian tour this coming September. They’ve confirmed their presence on a few notable stages already, preparing to unleash their deatjjazz mayhem to eager audiences. The tour is set to kick off on September 15 at Trondheim’s Lokal Scene, before the band takes their act to Bergen’s Hulen on September 29.

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