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MY OWN PRISON exclusive video premiere!

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Cagliari hardcore band MY OWN PRISON (StrikeDown Records) have teamed up with IDIOTEQ to premiere the official video for their song “Finisterre”! You can watch it now below!

The track comes from their EP of the same name, which is also available below (get their merch at this location). The band shared an extra commentary with me, so don’t hesitate to scroll down to find out some details behind the video. Play it and share with your friends!

What inspired the title and the lyrics of the song? how did that song come about?

The word ‘Finisterre’ comes from the Latin “finis terrae”, meaning end of the known earth.
As a result we chose that title because we always live with the geographical constraints of this island, that nowadays make traveling very hard for anyone of us.
At the same time these constraints have created in the people a defeatist mental limit, that bring them to ask themselves how the things work beyond the sea.

Why did you choose this song for making the video?

This song was born to explain the sense of isolation that you feel when you live surrounded by the sea. So for us this is a good reason to try to fill the void of the distance, physically and mentally..

Who did the video?

The video is directed and filmed by Fabrizio Ara. He is also one of the riders that appears in the clip and the one who take the live band shots and some of the outside shots. He made everything with all the dudes of Longskate Arbus crew (Daniele Fronteddu, Matteo Pani, Andrea Ruggeri, Marco Garau, Giampiero Orrù).

Whose idea was it?

At the beginning we saw some Fabrizio’s crew photos and we got the idea of making a video with them, in those locations.
He had already produces some great video stuff so we started this project and he made everything else.

Thanks a lot for your attention.


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