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NAI HARVEST: “Because life is boring…”

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NAI HARVEST, a Sheffield-based emo punk rock duo, have recently released one of the most interesting records in the genre of TITLE FIGHT, BASEMENT and GROWN UPS lovers. Titled “Whatever”, it managed to receive tons of praising reviews and a lot of positive feedback. Their blend of raw indie, heartfelt post punk and passionate 90s emo is a perfect soundtrack to… life, which, according to the band, is intrinsically boring :)

Launch the album and read up about NAI HARVEST below. Don’t miss out on one of the most stunning acts in the genre.


Hey, guys! Good to have you here. What’s up? How are you?

We’re good thanks! Busy with real life but thinking about tours and new songs. How are you?

Busy with my day job, looking for an apartment and goofin’ around with my wife, but very cool, thanks! [smiles]

You guys have just released “Whatever”. How does it feel to have it finally unleashed?

Nice one!

It feels great. We sat on some of the songs for a while so and wanted people to hear the sound change we’d gone through so we’re just really glad that it’s been received so well.

Yup, lots of reviewers admit that it’s one of the best albums of 2013 thus far. How does it make you feel? How do you care about people’s opinions and to what extent did you write and record it for yourself?

Yeah it’s cool people are saying that! We’re stoked ‘cus it’s always nerve racking putting so much into something, we’re glad it didn’t flop. We could be real cool and say we don’t care and that it’s all for ourselves but we’d be lying a bit. We write the music we wanna write for us, but in hopes that other people like it as much as we do.

NAI HARVEST live punk

How is it to work as a duo? Don’t you need more hands to make it easier for you guys?

We love it as a two, it’s easy for us to write together and we never argue over anything. We have amazing friends either as labels, bands or just mates who help us out with a lot of stuff. Anything from putting records out, driving us on tour, helping us pack orders up and helping with shows. We’re grateful to all these people for making our lives easier.

Oh, the shows.. right. You won’t convince me it’s easier to serve a good show with a solid wall of sound built only by 2 guys [smiles]. How do you manage to coordinate it all by yourselves?

Oh I meant like putting on shows for us and stuff, we’re always a two piece live.

Yeah, I know, and I wonder how do you deal with it. Aren’t you tempted to add more musicians to back you up in order to build a thicker sound?

In all honestly we are just lazy. We like it as a two so we keep it that way even though more instruments would make for a bigger sound. I play through 2 guitar cabs and use some pedals to control it all so it’s pretty loud already along with Lew smashing the drums in.

I wish I could see you guys live somewhere around. Any plans for a bigger trek?

Got a euro tour with YOU’LL LIVE June into July covering Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy and France. Then trying for America after that!

Wow, sounds like fun! Is there anyone else who’ll be joining you on the road?

YOU’LL LIVE (Florida) for UK/euro and not sure for America yet, talking to a few bands over there!

Who’s helping you out with the booking?

Darren from Dog Knights is helping us book Europe!

NAI HARVEST live punk duo

Oh yeah, Dog Knights Productions.. and Pinky Swear Records, two soldiers fighting to get your new stuff out there. Tell me more about your cooperation with both labels.

They both rule, solid labels, best guys. We wouldn’t have anything out if it wasn’t for them so only kind words. I’ve loved all the releases on Dog Knights for the last few years and are so happy we are involved with them now after spending so much money on records from Darren x.

Ok, just to wrap the subject of the new album (sorry, I won’t be bothering you with more questions about it [smiles]).. I wonder what are some of the most important aspects of this album for you personally?

I guess it’s cus I did something productive with a week that was a write off for me, so that’s cool. There a lot of personal stuff in the that not many people will get, I like it that way x

Ok.. let’s focus on Sheffield for a while. You’re on this year’s Outbreak Fest! Awesome! I thought it features true hardcore tough guy and straight edge packs only. How come you’re on the bill? [laughs]

Me and Lew are really into hardcore, and Jordan and lee know that so they asked us.

Outbreak Fest

Have you been in a hardcore band?

Lew was in GRAZES. I’ve not been yet.

Do you feel like staring another project, to fulfill your other dreams and interests besides the art you make as NAI HARVEST?

We’re both in other projects already, and have been doing little things on and off on the side of NAI. It’s hard to just make one kind of music in one band, I wanna do loads.

And these projects are..?

Lew’s started a SHITTY LIMITS esque garage punk band with some Sheffield mates and I’ve started a MINERAL style slow emo band where I plays drums with my housemate and some friends in Manchester.


Ok, and how’s Sheffield by the way? Are you satisfied with your local music scene and how it supports independent culture?

Yeah Sheffield is class. Loads of really great bands (PJARO, BEST FRIENDS, COLLIDER, AVIDA DOLLARS, RADICAL BOY, BAYONE, TROPICS OF YOUTH, FIVE LEAF NETTLES, the list goes on and on)

There are some really cool spaces and venues and everyone who is involved in the scene really helps each other out.

Nothing you would like to change about it?

More emo / punk bands would be nice!

Alright. Before we wrap it up, let’s go with a couple of random questions [smiles].

Would you like SAETIA to reunite? Would it threaten their legend?

I’d like HOT CROSS to reunite more!

Oh, this would be a bomb! Dog Knights Productions should definitely put together another compilation like the recent ORCHID tribute to resurrect those bands a bit.

NAI HARVEST live punk filter

Ok, what are some of the best reasons to watch Twin Peaks? [smiles]

Twin Peaks is the best. 2 reasons to watch, Coop is cool as fuck and Audrey is my dream woman.

What other series and/or movies did you fall in love recently?

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, The Office, Regular Show.

Referring to your lyrics, why shouldn’t we take life too seriously? [smiles]

Because life is boring and you’ll end up being boring, so be a fun dude and do whatever you want.

You stated that the new record “is about how feeling bored and needing something new in your life”. What do you need to do not to get bored? Any fresh ideas to try in this jaded world? [smiles]

START A BAND / LABEL / ZINE / SKATEBOARD. They’ll keep you occupied.

Alright.. What can we expect from NAI HARVEST in the coming months?

UK and Euro tour in June / July with YOU’LL LIVE, loads of shows in summer. Maybe some new songs, we’re starting to write again.

Thanks so much for the chat. Appreciate it!

Anytime, this has been fun!


Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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