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NASUM / BRUTAL TRUTH / DROPDEAD interviewed by Blow The Scene

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Our pals at Blow The Scene conducted three cool interviews with three great bands: NASUM, BRUTAL TRUTH and DROPDEAD.

Formed in 1992 by ex-Necrony members Anders Jakobson and Rickard Alriksson, Nasum was a band truly ahead of its time. Melding the still developing sounds of grindcore with elements of death metal and crust, Nasum quickly sent shock-waves through the extreme music community in the early 90′s with a series of split releases and compilation appearances. During these formative stages, this cast of multi-talented members would rotate instruments and vocal responsibilities and see several shifts in lineup. The late Mieszko Talarczyk would originally join Nasum on guitar before adding lead vocals to compliment his brilliant musicianship. Apart from his work with Nasum, Talarczyk played with grindcore bands Genocide Superstars, Krigshot and Charles Harfager. Talarczyk would build a reputation as one of the leading engineers and producers within the extreme music world and would go on to co-found the now legendary Soundlab Studios.

Founded in New York City, Brutal Truth would remain prolific during the 90s with scores of now legendary releases on Earache and Relapse Records, until disbanding for a seven-year hiatus from 1999-2006. We examined the band’s latest offering, End Time, last year, as the band continues to support this punishing grindcore offering. Founding member and influential NYC musician, Danny Lilker, was kind enough to sit down with us for a quick Brutal Truth interview prior to the band’s performance where he touched on the band’s history, current release, plans for 2012, and more. Our exclusive Brutal Truth interview can be viewed in the YouTube player below.

Providence, RI’s political fastcore-punk outfit, Dropdead, have also played a pivotal role in the US’s grind-influenced contributions to the music world. Apart from the unrelenting musical approach, Dropdead have also played a key role in the development of the political fastcore subculture, with stark imagery and lyrics that have become a staple of this niche of extreme music. We caught up with the entire band prior to the performance where founding members Ben and Bob discuss the current political climate, Dropdead‘s plans for 2012, and more in a new exclusive Dropdead interview that can also be viewed in the Youtube player below. If you missed our in-depth interview with Dropdead last year where the band allowed us to stream their influential split with Look Back and Laugh, be sure to scope that as well.

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