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Nepalese hardcore band SQUIRT GUNS release second LP!

Kathmandu, Nepal’s hardcore punk trio SQUIRT GUNS have teamed up with Indian label Stellis Records to give you a full stream of their second full length The Departure. Running just over 30 minutes the album consists of 8 tracks, recorded at their own home studio. Unlike their 2013 release “Slide To Unlock”, which was more of a straight forward punk rock record, this time SQUIRT GUNS incorporate more additional influences and inspirations, including post hardcore, crust punk, sludge, spiced up with some melancholic post rockish instrumentals. Influenced be bands like DOWNFALL OF GAIA, FALL OF EFRAFA, ANOMIE, DYSTOPIA, and more dark hardcore / psot metal hybrids, SQUIRT GUNS is a band to watch!

The band commented:

“First off, thank you very much for all your support and for buying the album (you really bought it, right?). Unlike our first album, we actually put in a lot of effort to make the album sound as good as it possibly could, with the help of Sushil (I2ST, Jugaa) and Ananta (Garbage), we were able to turn our practice room into a recording sutdio. Oh yeah, a huge thanks to Sushil for mixing and mastering the tracks. The album is an outcome of the various changes all three of us underwent during the course of the past 2 and a half years and, we believe we’re gonna explore and create some more in the days to come. Lastly, the album is dedicated to all free thinkers and beautiful souls all around the universe.”


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