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New French atmospheric rockers THE ASCENDING blend heaviness and folk sensualities in new track “The Ascending”

The new French band THE ASCENDING has just released the video for their first single “The Ascending”, a dark and captivating eponymous track, witnessing the alchemy of the multiple influences of its members. The single “The ascending” is a subtle mix of metal, atmospheric rock and dark folk. The track also finds its singularity in the use of violin and hardcore backing vocals.

Much like an open book, The Ascending offers an authentic, limitless universe. Newly formed in Nantes (France), the band’s music is an invitation to come together by placing the human being at the heart of the project. The both devoted and poetic lyrics assure a solid foundation for the new band, deeply anchored in the current state of society.

Their current lineup includes 6 musicians from the Nantes rock scene, with no exception: Jessica (Alan Stivell, Kervegans), Clair (Stinky), Alex (Les Hommes Crabes, No Jogging For Today), Thomas (Tsar), Maxime (20 Seconds Falling Man, Inglorious Bad Stars), and Eddy (Eddy Kaiser).

The Ascending by Insane Motion

The Ascending by Insane Motion

The Ascending are currently working on their debut album which will be available this Fall.

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