Cathedral Ceilings - Photo2 - Photo by Lysa Opfer-min
Cathedral Ceilings - Photo2 - Photo by Lysa Opfer-min
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New Jersey melodic punk rock veterans CATHEDRAL CEILINGS premiere new song “Addition By Sedition”

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Addition By Sedition“, the first single off the new CATHEDRAL CEILINGS album titled ‘Summer Of Misguided Dynamite’ comes as a fast paced, politically leaning banger about a “decrepit human who might see a jail cell soon.” Today, we’re teaming up with the New Jersey band to give you its first listen and some more details about their new full length offering below!

‘Summer Of Misguided Dynamite’, the upcoming collection of high energy, melodic, punk anthems by CATHEDRAL CEILINGS, is scheduled for a Dromedary Records release on May 27th. 

Here’s what Ralphie Malanga of the band had to say about the track: “I like to save political arguments for social media or family gatherings. So it’s really rare for me to get political in a song. But you can argue that this song isn’t political at all. It’s just about a decrepit human, who might see a jail cell soon.”

Ralphie riffs at random, something from nothing, exciting but familiar. Tommy and Nicky fall in then lock in. A sudden, spontaneous melody, then a chorus. A song is born, then several. Then finally, a record. This record.

Cathedral Ceilings is in the moment. Songs like fireworks blast off, dazzle, and shimmer into the next eruption. The band had begun in fits and starts (or was it fizz and suds?). Songs were half written, then wholly forgotten. Beers consumed then discarded. But by the end of 2018, Tommy was roped into the mix, and suddenly, They’re A Band!

From that initial big bang arrived the two lathe cut sides, Thanks for the Guitar, Mommy and I’m a Band! By the time they were released, the band had amassed a rockpile of ragers—the ones you’re now hearing.

Album Cover

Recorded and mixed by ace record maker Tom Beaujour and delivered to you via the venerable Dromedary Records, Summer of Misguided Dynamite is unflappable energy and unforgettable hooks. Windows-down, volume-up, high-voltage rock n roll.

Drop the needle, load the disc, tap the screen and blast the feel-good explosion of the summer.

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