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New Texas post hardcore band DRIP-FED premiere new track “Desperation Growing”; intricate debut 7” coming soon!

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Texas hardcore punks from DRIP-FED have teamed up with us to share the last installment of their track-premiere-trilogy, leading up to the release of their debut 7” Under the Wave Blanket, to be released via Red Flag Records on March 3rd. Recorded and mixed by Keith Hernandez, and mastered by Brad Boatright (NAILS / FULL OF HELL), the record features universal themes and interesting takes on its subject matter and there’s great chance it will quickly become your soundtrack to the coming weeks. The driving, melodic rage of “Desperation Growing” helps to make this 7” a truly resonant record and the emotions behind the track seem to be spilling out from all sides of its frame. Listen for yourself!

The band will be doing a couple of local shows in March – scroll down to see the details.

Frontman Jeffrey Blum explained the content behind the track:

“There was a case at work involving a young child diagnosed with a terminal disease. She was living in the hospital at this point and one of the main issues was her chest would fill up with fluid. The doctors were able to prolong her life by periodically draining her chest. It got to the point where they couldn’t keep doing this and they told her parents that she wasn’t going to make it. In a desperate attempt to save her child, the mother took a pencil and stabbed her daughter in the chest thinking she could drain the fluid herself. Desperation Growing is about human beings trying to control whatever this thing is that we’re a part of. It is about the absurdity of the human condition and the desperate things we are willing to do when we feel like the smallest piece of the universe.”

“Austinites Drip-Fed pack plenty of pain and hope into 2 1/2 minutes… The hooky, hulking kind of punk hardcore that makes you listen over and over until you develop welts.” / Decibel

“We’ve just learned about Drip-Fed and they are freaking rad. They mix punk rock and post-hardcore into a mean cacophony of riffs and screams that will rattle your bones and shake your spirit. Drip-Fed is a band to watch, no doubt.” / Nerdist

“From Black Flag-ish riffing to post-hardcore screaming to some prog-ish stunts…” / PunkNews

“A serrated edge of adrenaline cutting through a catchy backbeat…” / The Deli Austin

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Like what you hear? Check out 2 previously tracks “Shivers” and “Under the Wave Blanket”, premiered earlier this year on PunkNews and Decibel Magazine:

DRIP-FED live dates:

Mar 2 – Austin, TX @ The Sidewinder – Under the Wave Blanket release show
Mar 9 – Houston, TX @ Walter’s
Mar 11 – Dallas, TX @ The Fannin House

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