Nick Oliveri escapes from his incarceration

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It looks like Nick Oliveri — best known as the bass player for QUEENS OF THE STONE AGEMONDO GENERATORKYUSS (now known as KYUSS LIVES!) and THE DWARVES — has (sort of) made bail from his July 2011 arrest.

Nick Oliveri

His lawyer Freddy Sayegh tells TMZ:

Mr. Oliveri agreed to plead to one count of possession of cocaine and a dismissal of the remaining SIX felony counts.

Oliveri got arrested in last July of last year in L.A. after a fight with his girlfriend, which resulted in a S.W.A.T. standoff. Cops eventually searched his home, and claim they found a loaded shotgun along with cocaine and methamphetamines. Oliveri was originally sentenced 15 years of incarceration, but now, he’s on probation for three years and has also agreed to 52 weeks of anger management and 200 hours of community service.

Nick live:

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